Cooking with blue apron

earlier this year we were introduced to Blue Apron, a service that delivers fresh ingredients to your doorstep in a refrigerated box. last week, blue apron sent us our first refrigerated box to review and we loved it! first off, getting a box in the mail felt like christmas! grace thought it was a present for her and kept asking “what’s in it mom?” we quickly opened it and found fresh ingredients, perfectly portioned for three different meals.

at first, I was a bit apprehensive (given that i’ve never cooked chicken banh mi before) but the box came with detailed recipes that made the prep and cooking super easy. the best part was that nothing at all was wasted. i’ve found that when i step outside my “culinary box,” i often have to store weird ingredients that eventually wind up in the trash. like that fish sauce i used for lettuce wraps… yea it’s still in there just waiting to be tossed.

Cooking with blue apron

Blue Apron sent everything we needed to make eggplant parmesan with chia seeds, chicken banh mi and southwestern-style beef stuffed peppers. they also have vegetarian options (not that we’d go that route… we’re carnivores around here!)

Cooking with blue apron

we try to involve grace in the cooking process when at all possible. she loves mixing and smelling the ingredients and since all meals can be prepared in 40 minutes or less, it was perfect for her short attention span!

Cooking with blue apronCooking with blue apronBlue Apron takes care of all the planning, shopping, measuring and delivering, making for a easy and stress free dinner time for us.Cooking with blue apronCooking with blue apronCooking with blue apronBlue Apron is offering the first 50 ale & tere readers 2 free meals with their first Blue Apron box! sign up or log in here to get 2 free meals. Also, they ship nationwide to 80% of the country and they work with your schedule allowing you to skip a week or a month or even cancel anytime if you need to.

thanks to Blue Apron for allowing us to have some quality time in the kitchen as a family, all while helping us save time and money!

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  1. Oh, I would love to try this! It’d be perfect because I’ve hit a rut in meal ideas. However, I am in Okinawa, so the products would not arrive fresh! =(

  2. I literally just signed up for Blue Apron! I’m not the best with meal planning and often waste produce, so I thought it might be a good idea as I get back into cooking regularly.