I am SO excited about this giveaway for you! I have teamed up with several wonderful businesses and artists to bring you an assortment of goodies you are going to love this summer! Before I jump into what is up for grabs in MY giveaway, […]


A few Thanksgiving thoughts: We’re just coming out of a 17 day stretch with Alex being gone and the kids and I cranking it out at home. They were tough days. Long days. Some days ended with wine and tears and some with laughter and […]

Motherhood: Mommy wars and a FREE printable

Last week, I met up with a beautiful group of girls for a book study. I jumped in the study a bit late, but we’re going through Mom Enough. The Fearless Mother’s Heart and Hope by Christina Fox, Gloria Furman, Christine Hoover, Rachel Jankovic, Rachel Pieh Jones, Carolyn McCulley, and Trillia Newbell.  In the book, the authors discuss […]

Finding balance in the every day

  Daily balance is something that I struggle with. As a mother of two (soon to be three) with a nursing job, a brand-new fixer-upper, and a schedule that is nowhere near predictable, balance has proven to be extremely difficult. I’ve realized that when I allow distractions […]