to the grandparents…

the ones who prayed for us before we were thought and have loved us since our arrival

to the ones who have turned their home into day care just for us

to the ones who cuddle us, swaddle us, peek-a-boo with us, and give us pony rides

to the ones who stock their fridge with our favorite treats

to the ones who drive for hours at a time just to see us

to the ones who take a million pictures and have decorated their home with our faces

to the ones who sing to us, pray with us, wear us out and let us sleep on their beds

thank you for loving us unconditionally and for showing us that neither distance, time or circumstances will keep us apart.

emma, liam, ellie and grace

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can we talk about this frozen yogurt craze that’s hit south florida for a minute? i know it’s been around for years but as of lately if you’re looking for us… that’s where you’ll find us.

i’m hooked.

grace is hooked.

i don’t know if it’s the feeling of autonomy you get when you come face to face with those cold metal levers that are just begging to be pulled down to unite their refreshing creamy goodness to your ever so dry and empty cup or the fact that you can sample the yogurt over and over till your hearts content… and then…you pile it on HIGH. $8 worth! Yikes!

ahh. i swear one time i almost planted my face right under the toasted coconut.

i didn’t. but only because grace was watching and it would not have been a good parenting moment or a socially acceptable thing to do. something about being an example?!


^^my sentiments exactly baby girl!^^


^^confession: we do this for the first half hour ^^




^^these two little girls warm my heart^^


^^how stunning is my niece ellie? she’s made her appearance on this blog here and here! she’s pretty much taking over^^


^^papa always says that you’ve been there too many times when they know you by your first name… oops!^^




^^hey momma… wait for me!!!^^

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motherhood lifestyle blog

last week was we officially kicked off summer in florida, just as i finished my ob (obstetrics) rotation at school.  now that we’re easing into a less stressful second half of the semester i say it’s time to bring on the rays, relaxation, naps, dates, pool, beach…. should i go on??

motherhood lifestyle blog

^^how adorable are these little ones with matching bathing suits… i wish you could see how incredibly cute they looked thanks to grandma oma!^^

motherhood lifestyle blog

^^these two are inseparable and out of this wold breath taking! check out their faces… although i think sam and i were way more excited than they were^^

motherhood lifestyle blog

motherhood lifestyle blog

motherhood lifestyle blog

^^grace could not get enough of the water… she’s just like her papa. born to be a swimmer and not like her momma who only knows how to doggy paddle… yikes!^^

motherhood lifestyle blog

^^can’t believe ellie will be 2 soon! shes such a big girl and ready for gymnastics and how gorgeous is her momma???^^

motherhood lifestyle blog

^^my precious girl… she was so tired but pushed right through… there’s no pulling this little one out^^

motherhood lifestyle blog

motherhood lifestyle blog
motherhood lifestyle blog

motherhood lifestyle blog

^^grandparents always get the most peaceful jobs… ah relaxation!^^

motherhood lifestyle blog

what’s not pictured here was grace being dunked under water. i tell you she was born to be a swimmer… she even dunked her face in while i was not looking. SWIMMING LESSONS ASAP!  it almost stopped my heart but at the same time reminded me that this little one has a mind of her own and pretty soon she’ll say things like “mom i prefer the other bathing suit” or “mom do we have to eat kale…again?” or “hey mom look what else i can do…”  oh i hope this momma’s heart can take all that you bring her way kiddo.  how about you?  any big plans this summer?

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