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We have a lot of plans for this summer. Some involve traveling, entertaining and a few home projects.  We just recently got back from Colorado and we had an amazing time! This week we’re hosting a few church friends for dinner and because we like to put our best foot forward, we are planning on giving our bathroom a little facelift.  The bathroom gets a lot of use around here, especially during the summer months when we have guests over. For this reason, we are giving our bathroom a little bit of a refresh and today I am sharing with you three steps to a summer ready bathroom.
I love these kind of projects because they are not complete renovations, but with a little paint and a few stylish products from Target you can really freshen up a room!

Here are my three steps to a summer ready bathroom


I. Paint

We have three kids, and often the walls get scuffed up and marked up with crayons or just every day wear-and-tear. When we moved in, we made sure that the builders left a little bit of interior paint so that we can do touchups throughout the year. That paint is coming in handy today. We like to use a light gray hue, because it makes the bathroom feel airy and spacious. Also, applying some paint on the wall allows you to have a fresh canvas when it comes to decorating.


II. Storage

In order to keep the clutter to a minimum, I like to set up storage units under the sink, over the toilet, in the shower and on the counter. This allows me to give everything it’s proper space and keeps all the clutter off the floor.  I brought in baskets from Target to hold magazines, towels, and to help display our toilet paper. It’s something that everybody uses in the bathroom, and by displaying it in a tasteful way, your guest will feel right at home.   Speaking of toilet paper, we use Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls. The Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls are four regular rolls in one so they last longer and look fuller! Also, it’s nice to have one less thing to think about when you have a house full of guests.


III. Bring in fresh decorations

I pulled my inspiration from a cute Quilted Northern® Mega Rolls character named Sir Froggy. His look is relaxing and classy with an upscale contemporary design. You can check more inspiration out here. For decorations, I stopped by my local Target because Target is my go-to store when he comes to buying decorations for my home. As a matter fact, it’s my go to store for buying EVERYTHING for my home. I like to bring in fresh decorations such as bright paintings, wood tones to match our granite countertops, fresh white towels, and a few florals to bring the look all together.  What’s important is to bring pieces that allow the bathroom to feel welcoming and crisp with an overall summer vibe.

That’s it. Those are my three steps to a summer ready bathroom and what we did to give my bathroom a bit of a facelift. I hope these tips help you in your bathroom refresher this summer.
Be sure to check out Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls  at Target, you can also find them on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
Also, you can save 10% off Quilted Northern Mega Toilet Paper on Cartwheel 6/20-7/8 and you can buy 3 Packs of Quilted Northern Mega Toilet Paper, you can get a $5 Target Gift Card (valid 6/18-6/24.)
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#MegaSummerRefresh #Sweepstakes (6/19 to 7/31)

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Hey friends I want to introduce you to Julie from Happy Home Fairy .  I have been a long time reader of her blog, but it wasn’t until last year that we met in person.  The first time I met Julie was during a Sunday morning worship service at her church.  We were encouraging Grace to attend children’s church but she was very hesitant and a little scared to leave our side.  Julie was so kind to her.  She went out of her way to introduce her to everyone in the classroom and spent the service making her feel right at home. I’ll never forget that.  Julie is so genuine and kind and her love for God and for others is contagious! Thanks Julie!

You can find her here:

Happy Home Fairy blog






Hey sweet mamas!

My name is Julie and I blog at Happy Home Fairy. I am so excited to be blog swapping with Teresa today because I just love her heart! She is funny, genuine, and loves Jesus in a way that encourages me all the time.

Today I wanted to share with you 5 simple acts of kindness that you can do with your kiddos this Valentine’s Day season! Teaching my kids to be kind and share God’s love with others is something I am very passionate about. Because the Lord’s greatest commands for us are to Love Him and Love Others (Matthew 22:36-40), I really want to love Him well by loving others well – and I want that for my kids, too! And I believe with all my heart that this kind of others-focused living brings about true joy and contentment.

Acts of kindness do not have to be expensive or even time-consuming. As a full-time working mama of 2 busy boys, I can get overwhelmed at the thought of adding another thing to our plates! But being kind should be natural and easy. In fact, some of the best ways people have shown kindness to me have been the simplest of gestures! Just a little something to communicate, “I am thinking about you,” or, “You matter!”


As your kids participate with you in blessing others, you will see them learning the privilege that we have to be His hands and feet here on earth for this time we have been given.

Ready to get started? Here are 5 simple ways you can be kind to others this month!

Heart Attack

A few years ago we decided that we wanted to do something nice for our next-door neighbors, so we grabbed some heart-shaped helium balloons from the dollar store, made some construction paper hearts with encouraging notes, and took a roll of tape to their house. Without them knowing, my boys and I taped the hearts all over their front windows and tied the balloons to their front door. You can see it HERE!

My boys had a blast and the end result equaled super surprised and blessed neighbors when they discovered their decorated house later that day!

Teacher Gift

Aren’t teachers amazing? Having been one myself, I know how hard these guys and gals work! So I love to teach my boys to honor and appreciate their teachers by bringing them little goodies throughout the year. This year the boys took a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints with a note that says, “You were MINT to teach!” It was so easy and inexpensive! You can grab our FREE Printable tags for that HERE.

The Widows and Single People

In the last couple of months we have had not just one, but TWO married couples in our church lose their spouses. I cannot even imagine how Valentine’s Day is going to feel for them. I also have divorced friends and single friends who find this day to be terribly challenging. Send these precious people a card or bring them flowers or a small treat. Just a reminder for their hearts that they are not alone or forgotten.

Mail Carrier

I always think it’s fun to have my boys put a surprise in the mailbox for the mail carrier! Think about it, they are the ones always filling the box and taking our mail away, wouldn’t it be magical for THEM to receive a piece of mail one day? You can find a cute FREE Printable card for your mail carrier HERE!


When you have little kids it can be SO HARD and expensive to find a sitter and go out on a date! Why not pray about picking a couple you know who has kids and telling them that you want to watch their kids so they can go out? It doesn’t have to be on actual Valentine’s Day (hello insane crowds), but maybe a Saturday lunch? Just have them drop off their kids at your house before they go!

What do you think? Any ideas here stirring in your heart to do with your family this Valentine’s Day?

*Want even MORE kindness ideas? I wrote a whole book spurring families on toward love and good deeds! Check it out HERE!

Thanks, Teresa, for sharing this precious space of Internet with me today! You are such a gift and inspiration to mamas!


Julie, Happy Home Fairy

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Easy DIY ornaments

If you’ve followed along our IG stories, you know that Grace is a natural in front of the camera.  She’s often hosting her own “cooking show” and says things like “this cider has apple components and sparkly flavors”  Honestly, I don’t know how she comes up with these things but she loves it and I love encouraging her to be fearless and to just go for it!

Last week, we were talking about what kind of ornaments we wanted for our Christmas tree and Grace suggested we make our own! So, we went down to our local craft store and picked up materials for these Easy DIY ornaments!
Easy DIY ornaments



Clear plastic globes

Lightweight shimmer or glitter



Sprinkle some of the glitter into the globe, make sure not to overfill it, hook the top back on and give it a shake!

Super easy.

We’re hoping to get our tree up first thing in our NE home and I’m pretty sure these snow globes will make their appearance.  Until then, all of our Christmas stuff is in boxes and we are living vicariously through my friends on IG and facebook!

Easy DIY ornaments

Easy DIY ornaments

Easy DIY ornaments

Easy DIY ornaments

Easy DIY ornaments

She managed to get sparkles all over the floor and table and let me tell you, my floors never looked so pretty!

Easy DIY ornaments

Easy DIY ornaments

Easy DIY ornaments

Easy DIY ornaments

Sources: Grace’s hair bow // Grace’s shirt  // Plant 

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five steps to get your house show ready

If you’ve been following along here, you know that we are in the process of selling our Florida home and have been busy setting up showings and meetings with the realtor and possible buyers. So far, the process has been smooth. However, taking care of three little-ones and prepping the house for showings has proven to be a very difficult task. Mainly because it only takes a minute for the kids to turn a clean and organized room into utter chaos. Really, one minute! Most days, the chaos is complete with crackers on the floor and couch, and toys dumped all over the place. The mess used to drive me crazy, but I have figured out a five step quick clean up plan that has made prepping for showings and cleaning up less daunting.
Five steps to get your house show ready

1.Tackle one room at a time– Start in the living room, move to the kitchen and finish in the bedroom and bathrooms.  Tackling one room at a time will keep you from going from room to room and second guessing whether you’ve picked everything up or not.

five steps to get your house show ready

2. Creative storage- this is not the time to get meticulous about each toy finding its home. I have baskets for the designated survivor toys that end up on our floors. I quickly pickup all of the toys, toss them in the baskets and move on to the next step. Having a basket to hold all of the toys in that room keeps you from having to go back to the kid’s bedroom and properly store everything.

five steps to get your house show ready

five steps to get your house show ready


3.Wipe the mess– this is spot cleaning time. Wipe down that spilled chocolate milk, baby drool off the floor or sticky fingerprints off the TV stand. A super quick wipe down always makes a room feel less stuffy and tidy and draws attention away from the fact that there are 15 kids living here.

five steps to get your house show ready

4. Pull out the roller-  This is where you leave the vacuum in the closet and you pull out the lint roller. My favorite one to use these days is the Scotch-Brite™ 50% Stickier Lint Roller.  I use the lint roller anywhere I would use my vacuum cleaner.  It picks up pet hair, glitter, sand, and those annoying goldfish crumbs.  There are so many different ways that you can use the Scotch-Brite™ 50% Stickier Lint Roller. I pass the lint roller on the couch, the rug and my kids beds because somehow those stinking cereal crumbs always find their way in my kids bed.  I also use it on my microfiber dining room chairs after Haddon had his share of pretzels, my curtains, pillows and even window screens!  Impressive right?  You can see more ways to use the lint roller here!

five steps to get your house show ready

five steps to get your house show readyfive steps to get your house show ready

5. Change the scent-  We change about 15 diapers a day between Emory and Haddon.  Most days we do our best to take out the garbage and make sure the dirty diapers are far away from our noses.  However, sometimes the scent of our home still holds on to size three diaper bombs. I use my favorite spray to freshen up the aroma in our home before the showing,  grab my bag and hit the road.

five steps to get your house show ready

Ok. So you may not be selling your house, but you may be chasing after little people while trying to make your house look as tidy as possible in the least amount of time.  If that’s you, then this post is totally relatable. So, drop what you’re doing and head over to Target from 11/20-11/26 and use this Target Cartwheel Offer: 15% Off Scotch-Brite 50% Stickier Lint Roller to help make getting your house together a breeze!

** Thank you guys for supporting our blog sponsors!**


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