Hey friends I want to introduce you to Julie from Happy Home Fairy .  I have been a long time reader of her blog, but it wasn’t until last year that we met in person.  The first time I met Julie was during a Sunday morning worship service at her church.  We were encouraging Grace to attend children’s church but she was very hesitant and a little scared to leave our side.  Julie was so kind to her.  She went out of her way to introduce her to everyone in the classroom and spent the service making her feel right at home. I’ll never forget that.  Julie is so genuine and kind and her love for God and for others is contagious! Thanks Julie!

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Hey sweet mamas!

My name is Julie and I blog at Happy Home Fairy. I am so excited to be blog swapping with Teresa today because I just love her heart! She is funny, genuine, and loves Jesus in a way that encourages me all the time.

Today I wanted to share with you 5 simple acts of kindness that you can do with your kiddos this Valentine’s Day season! Teaching my kids to be kind and share God’s love with others is something I am very passionate about. Because the Lord’s greatest commands for us are to Love Him and Love Others (Matthew 22:36-40), I really want to love Him well by loving others well – and I want that for my kids, too! And I believe with all my heart that this kind of others-focused living brings about true joy and contentment.

Acts of kindness do not have to be expensive or even time-consuming. As a full-time working mama of 2 busy boys, I can get overwhelmed at the thought of adding another thing to our plates! But being kind should be natural and easy. In fact, some of the best ways people have shown kindness to me have been the simplest of gestures! Just a little something to communicate, “I am thinking about you,” or, “You matter!”


As your kids participate with you in blessing others, you will see them learning the privilege that we have to be His hands and feet here on earth for this time we have been given.

Ready to get started? Here are 5 simple ways you can be kind to others this month!

Heart Attack

A few years ago we decided that we wanted to do something nice for our next-door neighbors, so we grabbed some heart-shaped helium balloons from the dollar store, made some construction paper hearts with encouraging notes, and took a roll of tape to their house. Without them knowing, my boys and I taped the hearts all over their front windows and tied the balloons to their front door. You can see it HERE!

My boys had a blast and the end result equaled super surprised and blessed neighbors when they discovered their decorated house later that day!

Teacher Gift

Aren’t teachers amazing? Having been one myself, I know how hard these guys and gals work! So I love to teach my boys to honor and appreciate their teachers by bringing them little goodies throughout the year. This year the boys took a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints with a note that says, “You were MINT to teach!” It was so easy and inexpensive! You can grab our FREE Printable tags for that HERE.

The Widows and Single People

In the last couple of months we have had not just one, but TWO married couples in our church lose their spouses. I cannot even imagine how Valentine’s Day is going to feel for them. I also have divorced friends and single friends who find this day to be terribly challenging. Send these precious people a card or bring them flowers or a small treat. Just a reminder for their hearts that they are not alone or forgotten.

Mail Carrier

I always think it’s fun to have my boys put a surprise in the mailbox for the mail carrier! Think about it, they are the ones always filling the box and taking our mail away, wouldn’t it be magical for THEM to receive a piece of mail one day? You can find a cute FREE Printable card for your mail carrier HERE!


When you have little kids it can be SO HARD and expensive to find a sitter and go out on a date! Why not pray about picking a couple you know who has kids and telling them that you want to watch their kids so they can go out? It doesn’t have to be on actual Valentine’s Day (hello insane crowds), but maybe a Saturday lunch? Just have them drop off their kids at your house before they go!

What do you think? Any ideas here stirring in your heart to do with your family this Valentine’s Day?

*Want even MORE kindness ideas? I wrote a whole book spurring families on toward love and good deeds! Check it out HERE!

Thanks, Teresa, for sharing this precious space of Internet with me today! You are such a gift and inspiration to mamas!


Julie, Happy Home Fairy

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Easy DIY ornaments

If you’ve followed along our IG stories, you know that Grace is a natural in front of the camera.  She’s often hosting her own “cooking show” and says things like “this cider has apple components and sparkly flavors”  Honestly, I don’t know how she comes up with these things but she loves it and I love encouraging her to be fearless and to just go for it!

Last week, we were talking about what kind of ornaments we wanted for our Christmas tree and Grace suggested we make our own! So, we went down to our local craft store and picked up materials for these Easy DIY ornaments!
Easy DIY ornaments



Clear plastic globes

Lightweight shimmer or glitter



Sprinkle some of the glitter into the globe, make sure not to overfill it, hook the top back on and give it a shake!

Super easy.

We’re hoping to get our tree up first thing in our NE home and I’m pretty sure these snow globes will make their appearance.  Until then, all of our Christmas stuff is in boxes and we are living vicariously through my friends on IG and facebook!

Easy DIY ornaments

Easy DIY ornaments

Easy DIY ornaments

Easy DIY ornaments

Easy DIY ornaments

She managed to get sparkles all over the floor and table and let me tell you, my floors never looked so pretty!

Easy DIY ornaments

Easy DIY ornaments

Easy DIY ornaments

Easy DIY ornaments

Sources: Grace’s hair bow // Grace’s shirt  // Plant 

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A bright and colorful baby shower

a bright and colorful baby shower

I love baby showers! I love attending them and I love hosting them.  I love the corny games, the camaraderie between all the guests, the baby clothes, the baby themed decorations, and the fact that we’re all there to celebrate new life together. Last weekend, we celebrated our sweet baby girl with a bright and colorful baby shower along with family and friends.  Alex and I really enjoyed having everyone there and seeing the excitement on Grace’s face when it was time to “give the baby a shower.”

a bright and colorful baby shower a bright and colorful baby shower

The food turned out outstanding! We had fruit and the best spinach dip as appetizers and mom made delicious pulled pork sandwiches for lunch.  There was also a prosecco and juice bar for the guests to enjoy and sweet tea lemonade for the kids!

a bright and colorful baby shower

We set up a mock-photo op area where we had the chance to take pictures with our guests and allow them to take a few pictures of their own (see bottom for details)

a bright and colorful baby shower a bright and colorful baby shower

It was fun to see the kids go after the fruit and doughnuts early in the morning.  I think Grace must have stuffed her face with about 4 sugar coated doughnuts and ended up laying on the floor for 20 minutes to let the sugar rush wear off. a bright and colorful baby shower a bright and colorful baby shower

I think having kids… after you already have kids… is much more fun than when you’re having the first one. There’s nothing like seeing the excitement in your kids face while you’re getting ready for a party and it’s always fun explaining that no one is really going to be taking a shower…

a bright and colorful baby shower a bright and colorful baby shower

We’re still in the middle of renovating our home but somehow Alex was able to patch up a bunch of lose ends and have the pool area ready for our guests.  He’s been painting, scraping and pressure washing to make the place look semi-decent.

a bright and colorful baby shower a bright and colorful baby shower

We all headed back inside for some games, cake and gifts. Everyone showered our sweet little girl with the cutest outfits, baby blankets and bath supplies.

a bright and colorful baby shower

Time for a confession. I’ve ordered this cake from the wild flour bakery for the past three parties we’ve hosted.  It’s my absolute favorite lemon curd blueberry cake and if you’re local, you must call Brie and get your hands on some of this deliciousness.

Brie was also kind enough to put up with my back-and-forth on figuring out what the cake should look like.  We opted for a three tiered naked lemon cake with fresh blueberry buttercream and lemon curd filling (mouth is drooling just thinking about it) She also added gold leaf touches, which made it look super classy! Thanks Brie!

a bright and colorful baby shower a bright and colorful baby shower

I think my favorite part of the whole shower was getting a chance to catch up with everyone and chatting about babies and life. Thank you all who made this day so special for Alex and I! Here’s to more babies!!!

DIY Photo-op

  • Two rolls of gift wrapping paper
  • Tissue paper for pom-poms
  • Tape

Find a well lit area and start by taping one of the rolls to the ceiling (or high up on the wall) to set up one side of the background.  Slowly allow the roll to drop to the ground and tape the edges to the wall. Do the same with the other roll and secure the bottom to the floor.  See this video to make the pom-poms.  Scatter the pom-poms on the top part of the background or hang them off a string (like we did)  VOILA!

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neutral nursery mobile diyHey friends! I’ve gotten a few questions about the mobile above Haddon’s crib and I thought I’d share how I made it.  There are not many steps to this mobile DIY and it can be put together with materials that you can find around your home (like most of my DIY projects are). I think the best part about this project is seeing how much my kiddos enjoy the finished product. Haddon is super entertained with the shimmery plush toys and Grace has a blast talking about “the project we worked on together”  

Happy DIY’ing!!


  • Two wooden sticks (I used the draping rod of a wooden hanger- they’re about 16 inches each)
  • Fishing wire
  • Thick yarn or thick string of choice
  • Plush toys (I use last years Christmas ornaments from target)
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • One galvanized hook screw



  • Align the wooden sticks in a cross pattern- perpendicular to each other and secure them together by crisscrossing the rope over the center of the sticks
  • With the scissors, make a dent on both of the wooden sticks at the 2, 5, 11 and 14 inch mark (this will help hold the fishing wire in place)

neutral nursery mobile diy

  • Measure how high/low you want the mobile (make sure it’s completely out of reach) and cut out 8 pieces of fishing wire (four of one desired length and four a bit shorter)
  • Thread the needle with the fishing line, thread through one of the plush toys and tie a knot st the end to secure it
  • Secure the other end of the fishing wire to the wooden stick making sure to use the dented section as support

neutral nursery mobile diy

  • Repeat with the other plush toys, making sure to balance the weight/ color and size of the mobile
  • Measure two long fishing wire strings and attach them on the opposite ends of each stick
  • Pinch the strings where they meet each other and tie a knot (taking in account the desired height)neutral nursery mobile diy
  • Secure the galvanized hook screw to the ceiling, on the side opposite of where the baby is actually going to sleep (just incase) and hook the mobile on to the screw

** we tested the mobile with a three pound dumbbell to make sure it would not fall and it’s super secure. I suggest you test it to make sure it doesn’t fall!**

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