Alex loves collecting watches.  He has a huge collection of watches in a variety of colors, design and brands and now he is on a mission to build my watch collection.  So, when JORD reached out to us about a partnership, we jumped at the opportunity for two reasons.  1. Alex has a JORD watch that he absolutely loves  2. This Dark Sandalwood and Emerald Frankie series watch is one of the prettiest watches I have ever seen.



It was love at first sight friends.  I love the pop of color that this emerald Frankie series watch has and how perfect it looks in front of a Christmas tree.  Also, it’s super versatile.  I can dress it up or wear it in a more casual setting. I love how it looks with this white chunky sweater… it really pops.





Alex shared his JORD story here on the blog and he is constantly getting questions about his wood watch.

Also, the box it’s shipped in, is the coolest wooden watch box, complete with a little drawer for parts and cleaning agents. They thought of everything!


Here’s the good news, you can get your own JORD wooden watch and use this coupon for a 25% off code valid until December 15th 2017.

How cool is that?

Also, this watch makes the best Christmas gift and if Emerald is not your jam, they have it in a variety of colors for you to choose from.


I can see why Alex is so drawn to watches now, especially to JORD wood watches.

I think this may be a start of a new tradition!



Wooden Wrist Watch

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Dear trees,

You are blowing me away with all of your colors. I can’t stop driving around through all different neighborhoods looking up and staring at you. You sure are lovely.


Dear pumpkin spice latte,

We had to part ways this year because I just can’t handle all that sugar… and I miss you. Truly miss you.


Dear pumpkin patch caramel kettle corn,

I have come to sincerely love you and I just can’t get enough of your sweet and buttery flavor. I may keep you around all year long.


Dear brown leather booties,

I’m so glad I finally gave in and got you because you go with everything and make my ankles shine!


Dear fall velvet matte lip stain,

You are the perfect shade for me and I will keep you in my pocket all fall long.


Dear Athleta workout pants and top,

I have been wearing you all month long and I am loving you so much! You inspire me to be the best version of myself. You feel so good on me and I can easily go from running errands to a hardcore workout. Also, your new campaign of Power of She makes me want to take on the world! Thank you for being so comfy, strong and for hugging me in all the right places!


Dear midwest friends,

I need some recommendations on a good/ not so crazy expensive winter boot.  I have some amazing crocs rain boots, but they may not cut it this year.


Here’s to all that’s good about fall… especially these trees!


//Thank you Athletafor sponsoring this post and thank you guys for supporting our sponsors!



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I often share how important physical activity is for me.  I am a completely different person and I feel my best mentally, physically, and spiritually, when I exercise on a daily basis. My view on exercise has also shifted over the years. Before Grace was born, I enjoyed going on long runs. My routine consisted of getting out for an hour at a time and running until I felt like my legs were going to fall off. I loved it.  I felt like I gave everything I had. When Haddon was born, we lived in a beautiful apartment complex with a gym that was down stairs, it had playroom and it was absolutely beautiful. Those days, I found myself at the gym almost every day because it was so convenient. With our recent move to Nebraska, and the addition of our third child, leaving the house to work-out it’s not feasible.
These days, my routine varies on a daily basis depending on multiple factors. The kids being able to nap, the degree of sleep deprivation, and unexpected events that come about when you have three kids with no babysitters.
What doesn’t vary, is my desired to be active and my belief that working out is much more important than looking a certain way.  It’s about being able to pick-up two kids at the same time and pushing all three of them up a hill. Being able to play with my kids and engaging them in play makes all of the sweat and pain worth it.
So, if you find yourself with a lot of help and are able to make it to the gym that’s wonderful! However if you’re like me, and you’re on your own most of the time with three kids, I’m here to help. I want to share with you a few simple moves that I do everyday (take or leave a day or two).  These are simple moves, but consistency is the name of the game! I’ve realized that it’s more important for me to do four workout moves every day than kill it at the gym two days a week.

Here are my top four exercise moves that can be done almost anywhere and my favorite moves to practice on a daily basis. Also, sometimes this is what my home-workouts look like

First off, make sure you stretch. I make sure to stretch my major muscle groups and get started


You can’t go wrong with pushups! There are a few ways you can do them and you can even modify them to make them easier or more difficult depending on your physical ability. It may not seem much, but I do 25 real/non-modified pushups every day.  When I started, I was not able to do five and I have slowly worked my way up.

As time progressed, I was able to feel myself getting stronger and little by little I have been able to increase the level of difficulty.

Squat Jumps

I love squat jumps! I feel like they’re a crazy mix of cardio and strength training.  I stand with my legs a little bit wider than shoulder width apart and go all the way down and squat (make sure your knees are behind your ankles when you squat). Then I spring up as high and as hard as I can, paying attention to my core and I make sure that I land softly to protect my knees.  Then I do it again 24 more times.   You’ll be winded at the end and if you feel like you can do more, then go into a burpee (go down to a plank or a pushup when you land from your “leap”) These get me in SHAPE! Make sure that you’re focusing on proper form rather than trying to reach a number.  It’s not worth getting injured!

Half boats

I love these for my abs. I start with knees pulled in and my abs super tight! Think of bringing your bellybutton all the way towards your spine.  Stretch your legs out in front of you in a wide V motion and bring it all right back.  Don’t let your shoulders touch the floor and move slowly and controlled.  I keep my arms by my side, with my palms facing up but you can bring your arms behind your head if you want to make it more challenging. I also do 25 of these.  Also, keep your head aligned with your spine so you’re not tucking your chin in and hurt your neck.
I’m not sure if you’re catching my rhythm here, but I start by doing 25 of each of these moves.  That’s it! Then I can get on with running after children, making lunches and folding all the laundry.  I don’t have the privilege to go to a gym or to dedicate any more time to working out. This is it. This is all the time I have these days and for now, this is my best!
Doing these moves every day has allowed me to get my arms and legs stronger and my mid-section is starting to feel like it used to before three babies had their way with it.

Weighted squats

Squats are soooo good for me.  They workout my quads, my hamstring and my glutes! You can do air squats (no weights) to start off and them build your way up.  I like to add weight when I can because I feel like I get better results. For a long time I thought that weights were going to bulk me up and make me look more masculine than I would l


ike to, but I was so wrong.  These days, if I can add weight to my workouts, I go for it!
There is a lot that goes into a healthy lifestyle, like eating a whole foods diet that’s low in sugar, and being aware of your overall dietary intake. However, I’ve found that it’s more important to be consistent than to spend hours at the gym and then quitting after I’ve realized that I’ve taken on too much.

Happy exercising friends and remember that it’s all about being healthy and about doing your best to take care of the body that God gave you!


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Three tips to healthy skin

One of my 2017 goals was to take better care of my skin. Growing up in a house full of boys, I never paid much attention to the products that I used on my face. I’m now 30 years old, and I’m starting to realize that I no longer have youth on my side and that I have to be more intentional when it comes to taking care of my skin.  Honestly, as a mom of three, it’s easy to not prioritize myself. When I’m able to sneak in a quick shower I sometimes (most of the time) just use soap to wash my face.  Gasp! I know I shouldn’t, but time is scarce. You know what else is scarce? Sleep! I would love to say that getting enough sleep is one of my top 3 steps to healthy skin, but at this point in my life, sleep is just not in the cards for me.

The good news is that we’re into May, and I’m finally feeling on top of my skincare routine which involves daily wash and moisturizing. On top of that, there are a few things that I do to help my skin remain as healthy as possible, and I wanted to share them with you!

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