aleandtere and pink blush maternity

how far along are you?  24 weeks 6 days. 15 weeks and 1 day left! right around 20 weeks i stopped counting up and started counting down till due date. counting has been fun for us. during my first pregnancy, i’d check in to my baby app daily and get updates of how our little girl was doing. with this babe, i downloaded the app around 13 weeks and have made it a point to watch the weekly video showing his progress. it’s something we look forward to every week.

total weight gain?   not sure. i stopped keeping track after 15 weeks. with grace, i used maybe 3 maternity pieces (mainly tops) and i never needed maternity bottoms. i used a belly band and the rubberband trick all the way to my due date. i was “all belly.” not so with this one. i can’t pull any of my pants passed my thighs and i’ve already gotten the oh so sweet comments from family members which sound something like “your face has changed with this one” and “i can tell it’s a boy by how big you’ve gotten.” nothing like honesty from family.

any stretch marks? only the ones i’ve always had. my mom has one tiny stretchmark from all four of her pregnancies and i hear that they’re hereditary… so i’m hoping her elastic skin was passed down to me.

favorite moment this week? grace has been napping in her “big girl” bed this week and i’ve shared with her that the big bed would become her new bed and baby Haddon would be taking her “little” bed. she smiled and looked really excited about the transition.

are you having a lot of movement? YES! he moves all the time… specially when he’s hungry. maybe  my growling tummy rattles him up, I’m not sure but it’s like clockwork.

food cravings? early on, there were plenty of cravings but i’m not craving many things these days. i am however, devouring a box of digiorno supreme pizza as i type, so i’m fully satisfied… maybe i should answer this question when i’m hungry?

belly button in, or out? that sucker is out and i’m not very happy about it. i have to tell you… i love being pregnant but man i miss my cute belly button and my abs!

maternity clothes?  a couple of weeks ago, i talked about my inability to feel comfortable in any of my pre-pregnancy clothes and my excitement with finding a family owned company called pink blush maternity. finding them was truly a breath of fresh air. they have allowed me to feel comfortable throughout this transition and have helped me accept my growing body. i’ve received a few pieces over the last month and i couldn’t be happier with their maternity line. they recently sent me this ivory tribal embroidered sleeve maternity top and the softest black skinny jeans. the top is flowy and roomy which makes me feel super comfortable – even after a big meal, not to mention it has the prettiest design embroidered on the sleeves. about the jeans… at first i thought wearing skinny jeans was a bit of an oxymoron but oh goodness these are wonderful! they are soft and stretchy (perfect for the remaining 15 weeks of pregnancy)  also, i might just wear them post baby… that’s allowed right?

aleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternitythis little girl keeps me on my toes and as a mom, having clothing that’s comfortable and grows with me is a priority.  i’m very grateful to have found pink blush maternity, their transitional pieces of clothing have allowed me and my babe to embrace life!

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florida fall with pink blush maternitypink blush maternity style

last week, i was hit with a massive “nesting” attack that wreaked havoc on my entire wardrobe (and ale’s).  we both had many articles of clothing that went untouched for months at a time and the thought of them hanging in our closet, taking up space made me incredibly claustrophobic. also, being pregnant has made it very tough to fit into my “normal” clothes, and anytime i would try to wiggle my way into them, i would become frustrated and have a hard time accepting what was happening to my body. my body is changing faster than it did with my first pregnancy leaving me with about 20 pieces of clothing that i feel comfortable wearing. during my “nesting” attack, i packed away everything other than those pieces and now wear them interchangeably.

needless to say, it was liberating but it left me with the need to add a few staple pieces to my maternity wardrobe… that’s where pink blush maternity came into the picture.  pink blush maternity is a family owned company that helps women celebrate their changing bodies, by providing stylish and comfortable clothing during the 40 weeks of pregnancy and beyond.  pink blush maternity has offered to send me a few articles of clothing to help make this transition a bit easier.


with fall approaching, i thought that a great florida outfit would include these crochet jean shorts (because it’s still REALLY hot in florida) and a lose open cardigan with a fun print that i can throw on while indoors. they also sent this super comfortable white camisole which i plan on wearing every other day!

pink blush maternity stylei loved the versatility that they offer with their clothing.  a lot of them can be worn after the baby’s born and i think this tribal print cardigan would be perfect for the breezy evenings we see in february.

pink blush maternity stylepink blush maternity stylepink blush maternity stylepink blush maternity stylepink blush maternity stylei’ve been looking for a pair of crochet shorts for a while but anytime i’d try them on at the store, they’d fit way too short for a woman my age (let alone a pregnant woman).

pink blush maternity stylepink blush maternity stylepink blush maternity styleit’s important for me to feel as comfortable as possible throughout this pregnancy and if that means packing away all of my clothes, then so be it.  i’m thankful for companies like pink blush maternity and for transitional pieces of clothing that allow me and my babe to embrace my growing body.

p.s:  the winners for last week’s stuck on you drawing are MARIANA LAVILLA, JOCY CRUZ, MARY SMITH AND SARAH SEPULVEDA! I’ll be contacting you ladies sometime today with all the details.  thanks to everyone who participated. 

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