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It’s no surprise that we are big fans of road-trips. We recently shared our road trip to Vail Colorado, our road trip to Waco Texas and are currently planning a 24 hour drive to Florida, which we are super excited about. We are a road trip family all the way and are embracing every inch of that title.  I think it’s a combination of spending time together and getting a chance to explore as family. At first, I thought that maybe the kids would not be up for long car rides, but they really enjoy spending time in the car with us watching movies and anticipating our arrival (ahem asking are we there yet 100x). My favorite part of going on a road trip, is always sitting down with Alex and getting a chance to talk. It’s not often that we get the opportunity to sit for a long period of time (with the kids contained) so, we take it all in and really enjoy investing in our conversation.  These days, most of our conversations revolve around our dreams, hopes and where we see our family a year from now.  It’s really exciting stuff. I love being this guy’s wife.
When it comes to packing, we all have small bags with our clothes that we pack in the trunk space of the car. I’ll share a post on how to pack for road-trips later on.  We also bring our strollers and a few tech bags.  We try to keep the cabin as clear of clutter as possible to maximize space.  One of the ways we’re able to do this is by having a well stocked carry-on (aka mom’s backpack).
Today I’m sharing with you my travel backpack,  what I stuff in there (neatly of course) and a few of my favorite snacks and some great news… you can share your summer road trips for a chance to win $3,400 in gift card prize packs!
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I have such a hard time saying goodbye to vacations, specially when we had so much fun and saw  so much beauty around us. In fact, there’s a huge suitcase sitting in my kitchen right now waiting to be unpacked and I’m hesitant to unpack it because it just means that it’s really over. ugh! I guess all good things must come to and end.

For sure, visiting Colorado with our kids, has been one of the coolest things we’ve done as a family and it was completely worth driving eight hours to get there.

We went on a couple of hikes in Vail and during our first hike, we got a chance to see SNOW on the side of the mountain. It was really cool to experience snow in June. So much so, that we stopped the car and Alex and the kids had themselves a little snowball fight. The kids loved seeing and playing in the snow without tons of layers on and I loved not having to worry about them getting sick.

These pictures are from our drive to Upper Piney River Falls Trail. The trail turned out to be closed at the time, but the drive there was beautiful and completely worth it.  If you follow along on Instagram, I’m sure you caught the stories of our drive.  It was breathtaking.

Coming from Florida, where we don’t see seasons, seeing snow on the side of the mountain in the middle of June threw us for a loop. It was a little bit of an oxymoron considering the weather was incredible! Regardless, the kids climbed on the snow, Alex threw snowballs around and it was so fun for all of us.

I’ll share a bit more in the coming weeks about our trails, views, and a few tips and tricks on traveling and trailing with little ones.

I love this picture so much! Grace’s face and excitement and Haddon’s sweet smile. These kids are such troopers and so much fun to be around.

//For those of you that asked, my glasses are from Bonlook and the kids boots are these from Crocs. //


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We are taking a family road trip to Colorado today and to say we are excited is an understatement. Thank you guys for your sweet comment on Instagram and your recommendations on altitude sickness. We have lots of Pedialyte, water and all the snacks.  We are going to be doing a lot of hiking, trailing AND it just so happens that it’s also the Summer kick off in Vail and the Go-Pro Mountain Games!!
It was a complete coincidence that the mountain games were going to be this weekend. In fact, we had already booked our hotel when we found out.   Another highlight of this trip is that we are meeting my brother and sister in law and their sweet baby Charlee! Who are have not seen since we left Florida. This trip is definitely one for the books!
I’m also looking forward to the drive. The last road trip we took as a family, was from Nebraska to Waco Texas to see the Magnolia silos. It was a 12 Hour drive and I got to sit upfront with my main squeeze and talk to him for hours!  This trip should take us about eight hours and we’re expecting it to be a piece of cake! (please pray) Also, the truck we have for the trip has a TV and that’s all the kids have been talking about.
So, here’s to TV’s in trucks, seeing the Rockies and vacation food!!!

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Last Friday, we spent the day out visiting different parks in Omaha and we somehow stumbled upon Platte River State Park. It was such a lovely coincidence that we just happen to find that park along our car ride and we decided to go in and explore. We stumbled upon the prettiest creek and found a separate trail with a hidden waterfall.
The kids are becoming littleexplores. Grace gets really excited when we tell her we’re going “trailing” and she is always looking for treasure. Most of the time she finds tree branches and stones and brings them home and then collects all of them.
A couple of days ago Haddon twisted his ankle and has not been able to put much pressure on it so…. we’ve had to carry him everywhere. We have the option of staying home and taking it easy, but it was a perfect day and there was no way we were going to stay indoors. We distracted him by sticking his feet in the water and letting him splash around. It was fun seeing him and Alex playing with sticks and building a dam with stones.
I think there’s something so special about being outdoors with your kids and enjoying nature, breathing in the fresh air and getting dirty!
I know it’s not easy for everyone to get outside to a state park with little ones, but If you do, here are a few things I like to keep in mind.

Also, if a big adventure is not your thing, here are my tips on taking your kids to the playground.

  • Fuel up. Having kids makes you realize how important it is to have proper nutrition.  I make sure the kids have a good breakfast before heading out and I bring plenty of snacks for them. I usually pack bananas, raisins, apples, fruit pouches and lots of water! I also pack snacks for myself like protein bars and coconut water.  Having the right snacks and energy keep our blood sugar level, keeps the crankiness away and allows all of us to really enjoy each other’s company.
  • Get in the game. Your kids want to play with you, take the opportunity to engage them.  Take a few pictures and then put the phone down because you’ll never get this moment back. Your kids will never be this little again, and I know for a fact that your kids will have a better time with you then without you.
  • Use your tools.  Bring your stroller, bring your baby carrier, a blanket, a tent… Bring whatever tool you need to be able to participate.  I like to bring my Ergo and carry Emory in there. That way I have two hands ready to lift another kid or two tie someone’s shoelaces or to give someone water. It takes a toll on my back, but when I’m able to use these things to my advantage, it’s easier for me to participate and have a great time with them.
Of course there are a few other tips, like if you can bring someone with you it would help tremendously and always watch your surroundings. What’s important is that your present and that you enjoy them!!
Anyway, we are looking forward to spending most of our weekends out and about this summer.  So, if you need us that’s where we’ll be!




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