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Last weekend ale had one of those rare three-day weekends that come around once every six weeks. As wonderful as they are, they are always preceded with a long stretch of work and are followed with the same.  It hasn’t been easy for grace and I to get used to a schedule that changes daily.  Sometimes I wish he worked a regular 9-5 job and was home for dinner every night, but then I remember that the grass is always greener and thank God for providing all of our needs.

It’s been a teeny-tiny cooler these days. Some mornings we wake up to a whopping 78 degrees and little to no humidity.  On those days, I step outside and can’t help but smile and cross my fingers in hopes that the sun doesn’t make its usual blazing appearance.  I then proceed to hum Christmas music and make plans to be outdoors for as long as we possibly can.

Last Sunday, we woke up to 73 degrees!!!  Gracie and I pulled out our winter boots (because that’s what we Floridians do) and Ale snapped this picture of us taking in the “cool” air before church.  That afternoon we made it a point to spend our family time outside and headed over to Volunteer Park to get rid of jitters.

I managed to take this picture of Ale and Grace on the swings that I can’t stop looking at.  I’ve always heard about girls having a close bond with their dads, but seeing this bond play out before my eyes is so surreal.  They’re best friends.  He teaches her the things I can’t and she blossoms when he’s with her. Sometimes I cringe and give him “the look” (like when he teaches her how to trust-fall) but most of the time, I just smile and take it all in.  She loves her daddy and I’m grateful for their relationship.

I’m hoping the weather changes a bit more for us down here.  We’re looking forward to the day when we open our windows and give the AC a break. Until then, we’ll wait another 6 weeks for dad’s three day weekend and plan for our next park outing.  Can’t wait!

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  1. Sweet photo of the two! I as the only daughter (with 4 older brothers’) do know the special bond I have with my Father! It is as strong today as when I was a little girl. On Saturdays he would take me out for lunch. Mother would dress me up (hand gloves and pocket book and all) and hand in hand I’d proudly walk with Daddy anywhere he took me on Saturdays. Mom said it was the cutest sight as my Father opened the car door for me, I buckled myself in and off we went to our special excursion. Memories you will have many Tere! Cheryl (ps thank goodness for less humidity a wee bit lower temps!).