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we have a bit of a confession.  ale and i knew known the sex of our baby for about 3 weeks prior to revealing it to our family and friends. it was very difficult for us to keep a secret, but we both wanted to announce the news in a creative way like sam and Jorge did, but we weren’t exactly sure how to let everyone in on the surprise.

we used Tiny Prints in the past to find inspiration for our minimalist bedroom décor and knew that we would be inspired by their custom invites, canvases and party décor to put together an awesome gender reveal party!

gender reveal idea

after looking through a variety of fun and eye catching options, we were thrilled to find the cutest Bow or Boy gender reveal party invitation. the design was whimsical and so much fun.  it was easy to plan the entire party around the cute bows and mustache theme!

gender reveal ideas^^upon arriving, our guests were asked to choose a side and to display their choice proudly^^

gender reveal ideasgender reveal ideas^^we decided that a brunch would be the best choice for the gender reveal party and dressed up our counters with a buffet style coffee station, juice station and all sorts of sweet and savory treats.  (our dear sister-in-law corina made these cute individual parfaits for everyone to enjoy.  thank you corina!)^^

gender reveal ideas^^we also asked our guests to post their votes on a tally chart.  at first it looked like a close match but as the guests started to arrive, it was obvious that everyone was rooting for a little boy^^

gender reveal ideas^^how cool are these napkins???? we wanted to keep our guest guessing and were able to personalize baby “boy” and baby “girl” magenta and teal napkins (find them here).  we kept a few of them around but they’re so cute we’re considering framing them rather than using them :0) ^^

gender reveal ideasgender reveal ideasgender reveal ideas^^these scrumptious blueberry scones were a gift from my brother and sister-in-law sammy. they picked them up from a local baker (Ainsley Anderton) who, at 17 started her own baking company called She Bakes 619.  she made the most outstanding scones i ever tasted and i think everyone at the party felt the same considering the scones were gone in a matter of minutes^^

gender reveal ideasgender reveal ideas^^the few of us who were rooting for a girl!^^

gender reveal ideas^^and the rest… who were obviously rooting for a boy^^

gender reveal ideas^^the party came to standstill when it was our turn to reveal the gender of our baby. it’s always such a blessing to have family who support you and are genuinely happy for things that happen in our life^^


gender reveal idea^^while looking through different canvas options, we came across this DIY metal print and customized it to showcase the “mustache” and one of our favorite bible verses. it worked out perfectly!  we now have a keepsake for our babe’s room that will always remind us of this special day^^

thank you to our family for all of their support, prayers and kindness towards us.  we are so blessed that we are part of your “village”  and that we’re all in this together!


ale and tere



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  1. What a creative way to reveal your baby’s gender. Congratulations! I found your blog through The Wiegands, and I am going to be a regular reader. Again, congratulations on your baby boy! Your family and friends looked excited in the photos and videos. Very creative, and very fun!

    -Courtney from Barefoot in Blue Jeans