Grace turns 3 + Disney World

A couple of weeks ago, Ale and I decided to take Grace to Disney World as a way to celebrate her third birthday.  She was ecstatic when we shared with her the news and would not stop asking when we were going to Mickey’s House.  We wanted to make sure it was a special trip for her so we sent Haddon to grandmas and took this little lady out for some much needed alone time with mom and dad.

On our way back, I was looking through our pictures and videos (from our phones) and I put this little video together to recap our visit.  I think my favorite part of the whole visit was riding the tea cups.  I hate riding those tea cups by the way… but she was so happy and excited that I would do it again a million times over.

<img src="disney-world.jpg" alt="Disney World" />Ale and I have been to Disney World a gazillion times but the magic is still as strong as the first time.   It’s a bit different now that we have Grace and have to watch out for her, but I think our Disney visits are just getting started.

<img src="disney-world.jpg" alt="Disney World" />Ale introduced Grace to tinker bell this past month and we were fortunate enough to sit through a surprisingly short line to meet her in person.  Grace has been asking us for pixie dust and our answer for her has always been to ask tinker bell to give her some.  She remembered our conversations and charged towards her ready to pop the question. Unfortunately, Tinker did not have any to spear and advised us to ask the fairy godmother for some. Go figure! <img src="disney-world.jpg" alt="Disney World" />  <img src="disney-world.jpg" alt="Disney World" />

We had such a good time.  It was hot (because… you know… florida) but it was worth every drop of sweat and every penny seeing her face light up.

Ale and I agree that it’s important to spend uninterrupted time with each of our children.   We both think that although it’s crucial that they learn to share mom and dad, they should also feel like they are valued as individuals.

Hopefully Haddon can join us on our next visit… we always have such a great time!

(We’ve visited Disney World a few other times see them here, here, and here )

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  1. I am preparing to take my little ones for the first time. I’m sure we’ll have some great memories to bring home as well.