With father’s day right around the corner, I wanted to take some time and love on our sweet papa Ale! He’s such a great dad and I am blessed beyond belief to have him in my life and in the life of our kiddos.  He’s kind, generous, loving and always always makes time for us.

Ale, I hope you know you are loved. Your kids and I think you are something wonderful and I wanted to share with you a little video that Grace and I put together.  Here it is:

Also, here are a few thoughts from your kiddos:

Grace “I love my daddy because he spins me around until I get really dizzy”

Haddon “Daddy is my friend”

Emory “bye bye”

Ale, thank you for loving so hard on our kids and for showing them the Gospel of Christ through your daily actions.  Thank you for paying with them, for learning all of their favorite songs on the guitar and for always kneeling down to hug them. Thank you for thinking of them before yourself and for those kisses you give them.  I knew from the first time you held Grace in your arms that you would figure this gig out and shine! You are so special to us and mean so much to all of us! I know that there’s not much that we can buy you or gift you, so take our love and our commitment to loving you as our gift.  You are an amazing dad!

Although you’ll be working this father’s day (thanks for working so hard for us!) we hope you remember us and remember how much we love you. Also, we may swing by with cupcakes this Sunday, so have a light lunch.


Mom, Grace, Haddon, Emory and Bauer.

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