Hello…. Is anyone out there???  May is almost over and with it the great Florida weather.  Hello mosquitoes and sweat… everywhere!

We’ve had a few highs lately and some minuscule lows… here we go…


  1. Sometimes I think this little blog of mine has dissipated into the vast void of the overpopulated-blogging universe and then out of the blue I’ll receive an email from a reader telling me all about how encouraging they’ve found an old blog post and then all the good feelings of why I started a blog in the first place come right back. I often forget the real reason behind this blog and give up on writing because not many stop by to smell the Wildly Graceful flowers…. So on I write.
  2. Alex and I went on a date! Like a real hold-hands, make-out in public, lets order whatever we want and watch the sunset type of date. Of course the entire time we talked about the kids and the new mini-van we’re trying to get into, but it was perfect and much needed.
  3. Haddon is pooping in the potty! And all moms everywhere shout HURRAY!!! Before you pat me in the back, I have to admit that it was a combined effort of my moms patience while he “pushed” and me just not wanting to accidently stick my finger in poop anymore. We’ll be moving into peepee in the potty ASAP because this business of having a size 5 and a size 1 diaper changing session will probably throw me for a post-partum loop.
  4. I have two more days of work left… which my sweet and gracious hubby has spread out for me over the course of two weeks. You better believe I will be leaving the hospital dancing on my last day… really… don’t try to stop me!

And the LOWS

  1. Today marks our 1 MONTH count down before (no-name) baby girl Gonzalez #3 arrives. So far everything is checking out ok other than the fact that she has underdeveloped kidneys. Doctor says it’s common and that it’ll resolve on it’s own once she’s born and starts peeing. You better believe my eyes will be attentive to those diaper counts!
  2. Our cars got broken into (those dummies smashed our windows) and our roof had a huge insurance issue that needed to be worked out which was not cheap. I think Alex’s words were “we’re hemorrhaging money.” Nothing like some good medical terminology to get your budget in tip top shape. Also, anyone else think of this scene just now?
  3. Haddon is putting his dukes up when it comes to sleeping through the night. His routine hasn’t changed throughout the day, but come 4am he’ll stand firm, hold on to his cell (crib) and shout “MAMA” At the top of his lungs. Which wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that it wakes Grace up and starts the never-ending cycle of “can I have water?” “Can I sleep on the couch?” “I’m scared. Can I sleep in your bed?” “Can we cuddle?” and then before I can put them both back down, it’s 6am and they’re wired and bushy tailed ready for the day. Meanwhile, I’m dragging my very pregnant self out of bed and into the kitchen for a double shot.
  4. I am almost 80% certain that I am allergic to tomatoes. I know you’re thinking… low… really? But I must tell you that I grew up eating tomatoes like apples and the sweet fruit is a culinary staple at our home. Like an every meal staple. Also, if it wasn’t for a super embarrassing face rash (or if the rash was you know where) I would probably continue to stuff my face! To top it off, we’re going gluten-free to rid ourselves of all the toxins we’ve been taking in… so you know I’m HANGRY all day long.

So there it is… happy Wednesday my dear friends… I hope your day is filled with more highs than lows!

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