Mornings at the splash pad

The summer months in Florida start on a hot note and end on an ever hotter one.  The days are beautiful, but come 10am, we’re all running for air conditioned cover.  One of the things we like to do as a family during these really hot months is hit up our local splash pad/ playground super early in the morning (before the sweat gets real) and let the kiddos run wild.

This past week, since Emory woke us up super early, we packed up the kids and made our way over to the pad…

Count on my kid to lay on the floor and hog all the water!

A couple of weeks ago, we were at the pool and Grace (very nonchalantly) pulled out a towel, laid down and explained to all of us that she was “tanning.”  I have no idea where she got that from, but now it’s all she wants to do.  Sometimes I forget she’s 4 and catch a glimpse into her teenage years. Also, this picture of her and Emory really shows how big she’s gotten!

This little monkey is learning how to run.  It’s the cutest thing watching him puff his chest out and move his little legs as fast as he possibly can.

This hottie and his parenting ways.  I rave about what a great dad he is, and I know I don’t do him justice.  This week, he has gone above and beyond to ensure that we’re all fed and taken care of.  He’s back at work now and my heart is really sad about it, but life goes on…

I’ve gotten some heat for taking Emory outside the house being that she’s so little.  The truth is that Grace was incubated for about a month at our apartment and Haddon didn’t see the outside for a good three weeks after being born, and I probably would not have taken her out so soon, but having little ones at home changes things.  They need exercise and they need sunlight. So it’s either kill each other at home or get everyone outside.  We opted for the latter.

My crew!

Such a blurry picture but she just looks soooooo big!

Now that my attention has shifted to Emory, these two are now BFF and have formed a “boys only” club.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead of them.  We’ll be dodging the heat and probably hitting this little park another 5x before Friday!