Being a stay at home mom does not come easy to me.  If you would have asked me five years ago about staying home with my kids, my answer would have been a hard NO. I wanted a glamorous life filled with lunch appointments and traveling.  I thought that I would lose my identity if I stayed at home and became a mom.  What I didn’t know at the time was that God was writing a different story for my life. One that was much richer and sweeter than I could have imagined.  Staying at home with my kids, although it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, it’s also the best thing that has ever happened to me.  It’s not a glamorous life by any means (I have Emory’s lunch splattered on my shirt as I type) but it’s a sanctifying service that brings me closer to the Lord and reminds me of my dependency on Him day after day.

So if you’re a new stay at home mom (like me) this series #steadymotherhood is just for you! 

I have introduced you to Mary Beth from Annapolis and Company , have shared with you a my top five morning to-do’s on and our kick-off post.  Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Nikki Greenfield.  I met Nikki about five years ago when Alex and I joined Riverside Church.  She’s a pastor’s wife and the Director of Riverside/West Lauderdale’s Classical Conversation.  She also has three beautiful babies (and one adorable foster baby) and has been an encouragement to my life since the day we first met.

Nikki Greenfield


How long have you been a stay at home mom and to how many kids?

10 years, 3 biological kids and 1 foster baby

If you could describe your parenting style in one word, what would it be?


If you could offer some advise to a brand new stay at home mom, what would it be?

Have grace for yourself as much as your child, especially on the days when you don’t feel well, or your hormones are going crazy or you burned breakfast, or your husband has no clean underwear and you forgot to start the dryer or when you feel utterly overwhelmed or completely bored or just plain discontent with your life. Newsflash: you’re not perfect! Challenge yourself to be more patient with your crying baby, more organized around the house and more attentive to your husband without expecting yourself to do it all perfectly.

What’s your one tip for getting your day started on the right foot?

Get out of bed before your baby! Honestly, I think it looks different on different days.  Sometimes a walk or run before everyone else wakes up is just what I need. Other days, it’s a few quiet moments with a hot drink and some time in God’s Word. Or it might be simply washing the dishes or grabbing a quick shower before little ones are requiring my undivided attention!

Do you have any book/movies/pod-cast/IG feeds recommendations to help us on our journey?

Hands down, Revive Our Hearts, with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, is the podcast I listen to most. Incredibly encouraging.

If you had one whole day all to yourself what would it look like?

The beach. Coffee. A book. My journal and Bible. An undisturbed nap. That pretty much sums it up!

What do you enjoy most about being a stay at home mom?

It’s a huge privilege that I get to spend all day almost every day with my kids while they’re so small. I love that I get to be there for all their cuteness and to see the hilarious things they say and do as they figure out the world around them. In the difficult, pull-your-hair-out, hide-in-the-closet-and-cry moments, I try really hard to remember that my time at home with them is a gift and that it’ll be over before I know it.

Nikki Greenfield

Thank you so much Nikki for taking the time to share and encourage us stay at home moms. I just subscribed to the Revive Our Hearts, with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth podcast and have been listening to it nonstop!

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