NYC Travel / Day III

I’m so hesitant to post our last two days in NYC.  I think part of me feels like once the pictures are posted then it’s really over. Silly, I know but I’ll do anything to hold on to those days… they were so good for us!

We started our day off with a quick stop by GMA where we had a chance to “meet” Robin Thicke. It was a little bit of a push to get everyone to stand outside the GMA studio (because the last thing anyone wants to do is wait around for something to happen) but we were all happy we did.

11888529_10155887214175510_7335899879364802098_oA few weeks before our trip, we all made it a point to “train” for a Central Park run.  I had NY in mind anytime I’d hit the gym or lace up my shoes for a quick stroll. Running through the park with Ale was something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time.
11879091_10155887277340510_7935182065415613122_oHow good do these five look???

day three

After the run, we all met up at Jacks’ Wife Freda for brunch. It was my friend Dianne’s recommendation and it was delicious! If you go, have the waffles and order an extra mint lemonade or cantaloupe juice to go. They’re both so refreshing and are great for sipping while walking.



After brunch, we made it down to the Brooklyn Bridge.  We wanted to cross the bridge into Brooklyn, so we opted for the Citi bikes to help us cross quickly and keep up with our busy schedule.

//Side note:  Citi bikes are perfect for getting around NYC.  If you don’t mind a little exercise and dodging angry cab drivers, it’s one of the best ways to get around.  The catch is that you have to dock the bikes every 1/2 hour. My suggestion is that you download the app and find the docking station that’s near your ending destination and go for a ride.  Also, once you dock you have to wait two minutes before you can undock it.  Sounds confusing but if you want the scenic route (and you want to work off some of the amazing NYC food calories) biking is the way to go!//
NYC day threeNYC day 3We had every intention of stopping by Lombardi’s for a slice of their iconic pizza but to our surprise they don’t sell pizza by the slice and we were all full from brunch. So maybe next time. NYC day 3 NYC 4The Brooklyn bridge was everything I thought it would be and the view into the city was pretty awesome. Also,  I might have recreated about 5 movie scenes with Ale.  NYC5It wouldn’t have been a real Brooklyn bridge experience without our share of drama… so here it is. This car flipped over and within a matter of minutes all the drivers around him stopped to pull the kid out and to make sure he was ok.  Guys… New Yorkers are sometimes rude and a little rough around the edges, but they’re are scrappy and are willing to lend a hand. The whole incident (from start to finish) took all but 30 minutes to resolve. Talk about a New York minute!

NYC5After our ride to Brooklyn, we took the subway to the Financial District. We were lucky enough to find a citi bike docking station on Broadway and Battery Place which let us visit with the charging bull and see the statue of liberty from a distance.
PicMonkey Collage6We made our way over to Le District for lunch which is definitely a must see! The food is all cooked to order and the atmosphere made us feel like we stepped into a French bistro. We had wine, cheese plates, olives sandwiches crepes!! I think Corina and I are still dreaming about their croque monsieur!!PicMonkey Collage1PicMonkey Collage2The 9/11 Memorial was breathtaking, somber and uplifting all at the same time.  If you go, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to navigate through all of the exhibitions.  I could have easily spent half a day reading through the stories. Being there brought me right back to that day when our nation shook and it reminded me of how little control we really have and over our lives.
IMG_8714^^Freedom Tower^^

IMG_8726 IMG_8727PicMonkey Collage6To say we had a busy day is an understatement. On day three, we also visited The High Line and ended our night at Chelsea Market (home of the foodnetwork) where we had the most incredible Italian food and celebrated my birthday!!

PicMonkey Collage7chelseaIMG_7885IMG_7886 chelsea2chelsea3Day three was perfect.  We were all so tired but the thought of falling asleep was so far removed from our minds.  We just wanted to keep going…

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