We just got home from Florida and have tons of pictures and stories to share. First off, we were so extremely happy to be back in the south. So much so, that everything that once bothered us about Florida (heat, humidity, the blazing sun) was not even that big of a deal this time around. We enjoyed every minute we spent there, and did enough beach going and pool splashing to last us until next summer. We celebrated Grace’s birthday, my birthday and spent a couple of days relaxing kid-free!

We spent our last few days with my parents in Weston Florida, growing gills and eating all of my moms delicious food. I wanted to share some pictures of our pool time in Weston. There were a couple of moments where I just looked up and tried to take mental pictures of all of the palm trees, scents, and sounds in the effort to save them deep in my memories for when I feel homesick again, or for those few weeks in March when the cold just won’t let go.

The kids had an amazing time swimming and although we had a pool when we lived in Florida, we opted for puddle jumpers to make sure everyone felt safe. We don’t go swimming as often as we did back home and we were all a little out of practice. Needless to say, puddle jumpers are the best invention ever! We only had to hold on to Emory and were able to play with Grace and Haddon handsfree (I linked our favorite one below).  I’m sharing tons of pictures below.


I think this was one of my favorite memories of this entire trip. Just getting a chance to hang out with the kids, without rushing to get anywhere and letting them tire out. This was a blast!


Those eyes and that smile get me every time.



Alex took every opportunity to throw Grace around the pool. It’s so much fun to see them play together and to see Grace become a little more confident each time she tried a trick. It’s also a little scary for me to see her fly so high. But I guess that’s the funny thing about motherhood.  It’s that desire to see them grow and spread their wings while also wanting to keep them safe under your own wings.  Also, I love how Grace is holding her little nose and how intently Haddon is watching.


Emory was such a trooper. She was exhausted and fell into a sweet slumber while I was holding her in the pool. It was such a sweet moment. She also braved out the waterfall and spent some time with Alex playing and splashing around trying to keep up with her brother and sister.


Her little feet are the cutest.  She’s also doing this thing with her eyes, where she’ll look away and then slowly look back to see if I’m looking at her.  It’s so adorable I just can’t handle it.

These two just melt my heart.  I love seeing my babies play with their papa.  I love seeing their relationship build and grow. I also love seeing how smitten they are by him.

Haddon also gained courage overtime. When we first got there, he was a little hesitant about being in the water. After a while, he was jumping in the pool and dunking his entire body under water. He called it his “magic trick” and then shouted “cannon ball” like the biggest and bravest two year old.

I kind of want to go in his room and wake him up after looking at this picture.  I won’t because… you know… but man that crinkled nose and those teeth popping out make me the happiest.

This little girl and her pointed toes.  Alex and I have been discussing putting her in gymnastics.  She has incredible lower body strength and is always so graceful


There was a little kiddy pool that we splashed around in for a little bit.  The kids took turns dunking Alex in.


This may have been one of our best family vacations ever.  Also, I don’t want to brush over the fact that we drove 26 hours to get here and I have tons of tips to share on making these long drives as smooth as possible.


//A few links: Our favorite sunblock / my bathing suit top / puddle jumpers / my hat / Grace’s bathing suit / Emory’s bathing suit, similar and on sale! //



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