oh gracie 3a few of my daily conversations with my little girl. she’s two going on 10 and has a vocabulary to match!

me: tucking her in at bedtime “close your eyes baby”  grace: “umm no mommy… maybe i’ll go water the plants”

me:  “grace do you like the yogurt?” grace: smiling and nodding “mommy the cookie is spectacular!” (what cookie?)

grace sitting on the floor with bauer (our schnauzer) “come sit with me buddy, lets be friends”

me: “grace, what’s your favorite food to eat? grace, with both arms in the air, “cake!”  me: “and what’s your second favorite? grace: “chips!” (might need to add more veggies into her diet.. yikes!)

ale: “gracie, where are we going this afternoon?”  grace: “mickey’s house!”  (i think we’ve been to disney one too many times)

grace: “mommy look at the baby duckies!, oh i love you baby duckies!”

me:  “gracie baby it’s time for night night”  grace: “no way jose mommy!”

grace: “mommy what’s in your mouth?”  me: nothing  grace: “it’s chocolate mommy i want some!”

oh gracie 2 oh gracie 1





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