Summer in Florida and a photoshoot

We wanted to make sure we spent some time outdoors this summer and as my fellow Floridians know, the best time to catch some wonderful non-sticky weather is in the early hours of the morning.  Last weekend, we packed a blanket, water bottle and a tripod, and headed to the park next door for some quiet family bonding time. Needless to say, we spent no more than 20 minutes out there and came back home with an average of 5 mosquito bites each… hey at least we tried… Ah… summertime in florida….

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Summer in Florida {with a baby}

One year ago, around this time, this florida family blogger was zip lining down the mountains of Puerto Rico and hiking up the mountains of Southern California. Ale and I sought out local foodie finds, spent our time cruising on our kayak down Fort Lauderdale beach and spent some time training for the next sporting event we had lined up.

This summer, however, panned out a tad bit different….  We have been up at all hours of the night changing diapers, feeding a very expressive child and studying till our eyes were blood shot. Only to wake up and have to do it all over again…

School is almost out and in between the diaper changes and feedings, we were able to sneak in a few little adventures. We’re calling them our “new kind of summer.”  Here’s the first of a few summer posts.

Rainbow Springs. Ocala, Florida

Ale and the guys spent a weekend at Rainbow Springs  in Ocala, cave diving and cooling off in the refreshing spring waters.  Here’s a recap of their adventure.  Also, follow our when in Florida category for tips on what to do in Florida!

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happy monday and motherhood tears

In the past couple of years my sensitivity level has gone from 0-100! I have turned into the biggest sap!!! {I think it’s a combination or hormones, stress and most recently, the lack of sleep}  Whatever it is, I cry when I’m happy, sad, doing laundry, washing dishes… you name it.  So now, this whole mom thing has brought my sensitivity to a whole new level and seeing commercials like this, this and this have me sobbing for hours!!  Not sure if I’m drinking the “mom juice” or what it is but for some reason I can’t keep my eyes dry.

Watching “Livi” grow so beautifully before my eyes and seeing life through her eyes have me running through an emotional rollercoaster and I am so very grateful for every minute of it.

Did any of you moms out there get super sappy the moment you had your baby? Have I entered this never-ending vat of sappiness? Hope you all have a happy or should I say “sappy” Monday!  {tere}

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Newborn Photography: One Month

motherhood blog

This has been one of the most trying and difficult months of our lives.  We have had little to no sleep and with our school/work schedule we are running on caffeine and constant prayer.  (You always hear about preparing for sleepless nights but it’s not until you go through it that you wish you had taken the advice).  For now, we’ll take catnaps when we can, and pray that she’ll surprise us and sleep through the night very soon.  {ale & tere)

here is her one week shot… what a difference!!

motherhood blog

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