Last weekend, we packed our bags and headed to Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo! We have been there before a few times, but we’ve never experienced their Stingray Beach. The Stingray Beach is a zoo attraction that is only set up during the summertime and they give the guests and opportunity get up close to the stingrays, pet them, and even feed them. This was our first time there and we were beyond excited.
It took us a little while to figure out exactly how to hold our hands palm down to pet the stingrays, but once we all figured it out, we just couldn’t stop. My favorite part was Haddon’s face after he touch the stingrays. He would let out a loud squeal of excitement and pride. There are a few other attractions open during the summer, like a massive splash pad, but we will have to come back and try that on a different day.

The kids arms weren’t long enough to reach the rays, so we ended up laying them flat on the ledge. It seemed like a good idea until they stood up and we all realized that they were soaked. As most family affairs go, it’s all fun and games until someone has fish water all over them…

I can’t get over how much fun this was. The kids are still talking about it and we’re planning our next stingray visit very soon.

These stingrays were so cool. Grace kept asking if they were going to sting us and Haddon obviously wanted to pull their “tail”



These tiny little fingers reaching into the water make me all sorts of happy

Couldn’t pass up taking a picture of my favorite butts!

I shared this picture of my instagram a while back. His teeth and his expression are everything!

Can you tell Grace was having the time of her life? Her expressions have gotten more defined these days. She smiles with her eyes. Also, that clenched fist! I’m pretty sure this was right after she touched a stingray.

Haddon’s attempt at feeding the stingrays!

Ok so this is why Alex is the “fun” parent.  He has no problem getting his keister soaked and letting stingrays crawl up his arm.  He is such a good dad and seeing him in this role gives me all of the heart-eyes. I love that man so much!

We are definitely coming back here before the summer is over.  This was so much fun!

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