pomegranate parfaits

20131114-065940.jpgAle and I got engaged in July of 2009 and got married December of that same year.  I was working at a law firm at the time and was so stressed with school and planning for a wedding that I did rarely had time for a formal lunch. My lunch breaks were prime wedding planning and homework time and a quick snack was all I could manage.

Enter pomegranates.

They were my go-to snack (or lunch).  Tearing into those puppies relieved so much stress and just one fruit would render enough seeds for a few days worth of snacking.  I picked some up at the farmers market last week and couldn’t wait to get my hands tinted with their sweet burgundy juice and prep my go-to snack: pomegranate parfaits

Pomegranates will always remind me of those wonderful months of being engaged to my best friend.


one large pomegranate, seeded

greek strained yogurt

3 tbs of honey

pinch of ginger


Remove the seeds from the pomegranate. You have to man handle the fruit just a bit.  With a paring knife cut the skin of the pomegranate in quarters- make sure you don’t cut through the seeds.  Tear apart one quarter at a time and submerge the pomegranate in a bowl of water and under the surface pull the seeds out with your thumbs. The membrane that holds the seeds together should float to the top and you can easily drain them out…. easy!

In a separate bowl combine the honey and the ginger and set aside.

In a 8oz cup (i used a wine glass) add 1 tbs of honey mixture to the bottom of the glass, then follow with 3 tbs of yogurt and with 2 tbs of pomegranate (i used more because i really like the crunchiness) then repeat the layers one more time and top off with a drizzle of the honey ginger mixture at the top.

You should have more pomegranate seeds left over to snack on by itself or you can add them to salads or squeeze the juice out, reduce it with some garlic and ginger and serve them over pork… amazing!