This little guy right here is turning three today!!! These days he’s all about lighting McQueen, sleeping in mamas bed and mac and cheese.  He loves his sister Emory with his entire heart and loves to jump in the trampoline until he gets “schweaty” He’s very particular about who he plays with and isn’t afraid to raise his voice when there’s something he’s not happy about. He gets really excited about watching confu-panda and magic school bus and would live in his lighting McQueen pj’s if I let him. He loves to sing and pretends he’s Johnny (the monkey in the movie Sing) while playing air piano.  He loves “doing school” and asks me to “weeeeee” him all the time (pick him up and twirl him as he says weeee!) He’s not too crazy about sweet potatoes, but he’ll down a bowl of bacon all by himself. He loves to hold my hand as he’s falling asleep and whispers “I love you mom” before he drifts off.  He melts my heart.

Haddon, you are everything to your daddy and I. Happy birthday bud!


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I’ve been too hesitant to write this post for so many reasons. Everything in me wants to document this moment in time, but I haven’t been able to put my thoughts into words. Maybe it’s something about the way I was raised or my defense mechanism but I feel like if you don’t talk about it, then it’s not really happening. So, that’s where I am. I didn’t address this little lady’s birthday because I wasn’t ready for it. I’m still not ready for it. She’s no longer a tiny baby. No more sweet breastmilk breath, no more wrapping her little hand around my finger. No more tiny baby whimper. She’s ONE and ready to take on the world.

Oh Emmy.

You are a sweet sweet girl. You have three teeth poking out and a full set ready to make their way out. You smile bigger than my heart can handle and your curly hair is everything to me. According to your latest checkup, you are one tall girl. Which will come in handy when you’re playing sports. You are getting ready to take your first step but we all know you are taking your time and will do things at your own pace.

You are adventurous and are a climber (ahem… we can’t keep you in your crib anymore) I’m pretty sure you may have a future in gymnastics. You love sweet potatoes and these days I am sneaking in a hardboiled egg in your smoothie and you are all about it!

You can find all the tiny pieces of paper all over the house and somehow they end up in your mouth. But we all see you and you can’t keep a straight face when you’ve done something naughty. You love your brother and sister and will never turn down a hug from your brother Haddy. You are speedy when you’re crawling and we just can’t keep up with you when you’re on a mission to get somewhere.

You still haven’t figured out your relationship to Bauer. You guys had a bad encounter a few weeks ago and since then you’ve kept your distance. He’s still very protective of you and is always there to pick up your food scraps. Your grandparents love you to pieces and that thumb of yours puts you to sleep in a matter of minutes.

Sweet girl.

I want to remember every little detail of your face and how you crinkle your nose when you smile. I want to remember how you call out “mama” when you really need me and smile from ear to ear when daddy walks in the door. I want to remember how warm your little body gets when you drift off to sleep and the way you grab your ear when you’re really relaxed.

Oh mimi.

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Anyway you slice it

29 birthdayAle and I are the same age.  His birthday is in May so I still feel like the younger one of the two, but for the most part we’ve been running this life race hand in hand.  The other day, we were talking about birthdays and getting older and about how much we’ve changed throughout the years and we realized that we have known each other for sixteen years!!!  (excuse me while I scream into my pillow)  We talked about the days when grownups used to say “twenty years ago” or “that was at least ten years ago”  well thats us now.  We’re the grownups.  We’re the ones with stories that start off with “back in the day.”  We’re the ones who reflect on how much the city has changed, how technology has changed our lives, how cassette tapes are obsolete and video cameras are unheard of thanks to our phones.

I was having a bit of an I’m almost 30 crisis and was trying to explain to Ale what I was feeling.  Of course I led off with tears and a few mumble jumble thoughts, but my sweet hubby was able to put everything I was feeling into words.  He knew exactly what I was feeling. To my surprise, we were having the same thoughts about this stage in life that we’re both in.

birthday 29You see, we both started working at young age and have been dubbed the “young ones” the “kids” the “good looking 20 something” at work, at church and among our friends.  We’ve always had our “whole life ahead of us”  and have both been on the starting line of life.  I know it’s silly but I never really transitioned into this stage of adulthood. It just kind of hit me all at once. We have kids (best decision ever), have respectable careers, are going on six years of marriage and have a good chunk of life experience. I guess that’s how it works with starting lines… you don’t really know when you’re far from it, until you stop to look back. I feel like we’re settling into the adults that we’re supposed to be.  It’s not a somber feeling… just reality.

So no matter how you slice it, we’re growing up.  We are Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez and although we may not have “our whole lives ahead of us”  anymore, we do have a whole lot of life to go and the best part is that we get to live it together.

29 birthday**The cake you ask… is from the incredible Brianna Rodriguez from Wildflour Bakery.  It is (was) a decadent lemon blueberry ombre cake and it was allllllllll mine! This cake made an appearance on the blog for Jorge and Sam’s vow renewal and I liked it so much that I begged Ale to get it for my birthday this year. Brianna is local to South Florida and bakes up the best cakes and cupcakes I have ever had!!!! You can call or contact her here. Thanks Brie!**

birthday 29

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birthdays are the best!!

early morning phone calls from family

mustard seed bistro cupcakes for breakfast

a day jam-packed with birthday activities

sneaking in some alone time

cake for dinner

oh joy! party hats

morning bike ride

free starbucks coffee

and time with my two favorite people

doesn’t get any better.

hello 28!

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