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Since the winter months are rough, we thought it would be a fun opportunity to do something active indoors. Grace has been asking about going ice skating and since Alex’s parents were in town, we thought it was the perfect timing to introduce her to […]


The weather was beautiful last weekend, Alex’s parents were in town and it was a perfect day for the zoo. We had such much fun running from exhibit to exhibit and since this was our third time here, the kids were excited about showing their […]

FRI-YAY Favorites!

Happy Friday friends! We’ve spent all week tying up all lose ends, packing hospital bags and trying our best to get ready for D-Day! The kids have not been on their best behavior so… we’ve opted for watching a movie a day and having cheese sandwiches for lunch all week long. I’m hoping next week brings less tears, more sleep and better food choices!

A few fri-yay favorites:

  • Happy fathers day weekend to all hardworking dads, to my loving and energetic daddy, my father-in-law and my Hottie McHottie hubby and if you’re looking for something scrumptious to grill, these are my go-to Cilantro burgers!  Also, if you’re looking for a quick laugh.. check this video out. 
  • I’m a sucker for “family” shows (I cried my way through every episode of Parenthood) and I may have to get a subscription to Kleenex to get me through this new show airing in the fall
  • Last week we made these super scrumptious smoothie bowls with Acai for breakfast and they were amazing! I know we’re a little late on the trend, but it may just be a new favorite of ours.  It fooled my tastebuds into thinking that I was eating some sort of sorbet packed with fancy toppings!  This may be the way I get back into my pre-baby body… that and Atkins. Jk but maybe.
  • Grace is knocking addition and subtraction out of the park! We’re using the good ol’ number line and it seems to be working. Hooray! We’re not sending in her Yale application yet, but I did look into their admission process and math at 4 is one of their prerequisites.
  • Next week wraps up our church’s midweek discipleship class titled The Great Mystery – Marriage where we dove into the purpose of marriage, roles in marriage and worked through some tough but much needed conversations that overall strengthened our relationship.  I highly recommend this book.   Also, If you’re local and don’t have a church home check ours out and if you’re not local, here’s the latest sermon series. 

last but not least… drumroll please…

  • WE’RE HAVING A BABY! Today marks a very special day for the Gonzalez family and for one tired baby mama!  As of 6:30am this morning, we are heading to the hospital to welcome our BABY (who still doesn’t have a name) If you happen to follow us on Instagram, and this child is anything like Grace or Haddon, get ready for cuteness overload. Also, if you happen to remember us today, please pray for a healthy and quick delivery.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

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Highs and Lows

Hello…. Is anyone out there???  May is almost over and with it the great Florida weather.  Hello mosquitoes and sweat… everywhere! We’ve had a few highs lately and some minuscule lows… here we go… HIGHS Sometimes I think this little blog of mine has dissipated […]

My Happy: Samantha

One of the things that point us to Christ in our daily lives, is the practice of thanksgiving.  When we make time to take an account of all that we have been given, we look beyond our own wants and are able to see how blessed we truly are. […]


IMG_6812We still can’t figure out who he looks like.  Sometime’s I’ll catch a glimpse of my older brother staring back at me and on occasions, I see a spitting image of my father-in-law in a star onesie.

It never seizes to amaze me how much these little ones change.  In a matter of days, Haddon grew out of his 3 month clothes, found his hands and has developed a cooing language that makes me want to have four more just like him. He’s also super kind and gentle and completely aware of everything around him.

IMG_6854They say that all boys are their mommas and I’m starting to think that’s 100% true in our case.  This little guy has me wrapped around his finger in the sweetest most gentle way imaginable and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I still can’t believe I get to be his mom.


Sometimes I stare at him wondering if he knows what he’s gotten himself into.  He usually stares back and smiles at me. Maybe he knows.  Maybe he’s the one wondering if we’re ready for what he has in store for us.


Oh sweet boy.  You are loved.


Dad’s back at work today (can you hear my broken heart?)  I’m pretty bummed about it, but we knew our honeymoon had to come to an end at some point.  Today’s my sad day. Tomorrow I’m hoping to do better.  Maybe I’ll hang up my yoga […]


about three years ago in conversation with ale, i mentioned the idea of starting a family blog for the purpose of documenting the everyday adventures of our growing family.  it was just he and i at the time, but we knew that our life would start to take […]


our dearest baby,

we’re so humbled that God has allowed your papa and i to be parents again. thank you sweet baby. your have filled our hearts with so much love already, it’s hard to believe you’ve only been with us a short while.

i can’t wait to hold you and smell you and kiss you and let you sleep in my arms.

until then, we’ll keep on thinking of what to name you and dream about what you’ll look like.  your papa, big sister and i can’t wait to meet you.  we talk about you all the time. gracie kisses you and wants to play with you as soon as you get here… so keep growing big and strong and we’ll see you in january!

p.s: please be nice to your sweet momma these next few months. thanks!

we love you!



a few of my daily conversations with my little girl. she’s two going on 10 and has a vocabulary to match! me: tucking her in at bedtime “close your eyes baby”  grace: “umm no mommy… maybe i’ll go water the plants” me:  “grace do you […]