This little guy right here is turning three today!!! These days he’s all about lighting McQueen, sleeping in mamas bed and mac and cheese.  He loves his sister Emory with his entire heart and loves to jump in the trampoline until he gets “schweaty” He’s very particular about who he plays with and isn’t afraid to raise his voice when there’s something he’s not happy about. He gets really excited about watching confu-panda and magic school bus and would live in his lighting McQueen pj’s if I let him. He loves to sing and pretends he’s Johnny (the monkey in the movie Sing) while playing air piano.  He loves “doing school” and asks me to “weeeeee” him all the time (pick him up and twirl him as he says weeee!) He’s not too crazy about sweet potatoes, but he’ll down a bowl of bacon all by himself. He loves to hold my hand as he’s falling asleep and whispers “I love you mom” before he drifts off.  He melts my heart.

Haddon, you are everything to your daddy and I. Happy birthday bud!


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