I have never experienced spring like I did this past month. I’ve read about the seasons and the change of seasons, but coming from FL where there’s not much alteration in the climate department, it was certainly eye opening.
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to explain what I felt when I saw the first patch of grass change from dry yellow to bright green.  I was overwhelmed with joy.  I saw buds on trees and weeds growing sporadically all waking up and welcoming us to Spring.  I  never thought I would be so happy to see weeds!
And then… the flowers came.  One by one, they graced us with purple, pink, red and orange tones.  I saw tulips bloom for the first time and different shades of green perfectly compliment the bright blue sky. I never realized how much my soul needed color or warmth.
I understand now why poets write about love and the change that takes place within, when winter’s gone. I get it.  You breathe again, you come out of hiding, the birds make their ways back from the south, the smell of soil fills the air and little by little the temperature rises. And here we are, in the thick of Spring thanking God for warmer weather and for allowing us to make it through our first Winter.
Here’s to Spring friends.
Here’s to dinners alfresco, soccer in the back yard, and flowers! All the flowers because I don’t know how I’ll live without those again.
We visited Omaha Zoo last week and here are some pictures of our time there. It was beautiful.

This mama was hanging out with her babe, it was the sweetest thing and so smart of the zookeepers to keep them both behind a fence.  All the kids would have gone crazy trying to pet the baby goat.

She wanted to brush all of the goats and had a blast doing it.

Check out his face friends. He’s so proud to be standing next to that cute little goat.  I’m just glad we had plenty of hand sanitizer.

This is Alex’s sweet mama who visited a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks for reading guys and thank you for always being so kind to me on this space of the internet.


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