It’s here! The moment everyone in the midwest has been talking about for the past 11 months!


This is our first official fall friends.  We are waking up high 50’s degree weather, the leaves are starting to change and there are fall festivals everywhere.  Last week, we welcomed October and in lieu of all the festivities, we spruced up the house a bit. Nothing crazy… just a few DIY paper bats and the cutest little pumpkins all over.

The kids are super excited because this is the second time we’re trick-or-treating and Grace is at the age where she remembers that there’s candy involved with this holiday.

We’re still undecided about costumes this year. Grace is still going back and forth between a princess unicorn and good ol’ Elsa. Haddon has no clue, but he did spot a dragon at Target and can’t stop talking about it.

We’ve spruced up the house with the cutest paper bats. I’ve been wanting to do something whimsical like this for a while, but last year we were in the middle of a move so this my friends, turned out to be our lucky year.

Want to make these cute bats yourself?

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