At three years old…

You go back-and-forth between wanting to be Elsa and Snow White.

You ask for glass slippers and a crown and would wear a princess dress all day long if I let you.

You call daddy prince charming and sometimes I overhear you say “I can’t go to the ball like this!”

You love “treats” and when I ask you what you want for dinner, your first answer is “chocolate with sprinkles and marshmallows”

Mickey Mouse Club House has been your favorite show from the start but you and daddy have been on a tinker bell streak lately and last week you asked me for wings!

You love to swim and have been unstoppable since your aunt Sammy got you goggles.

You’re a natural performer and have such a great ear for music that we’ve started you on music lessons (you know the free kind. The one that takes place in your room with your kitty piano and your crazy mama pretending to be Julie Andrews)

You’re not too fond of bedtime and every night for the last three months you’ve come in our bedroom to ask if we can “cuddle.” We let you but we know it’s only at the expense of our own rest.

Your grandparents are in love with you. Not a day goes by that they don’t think about you or have a “surprise” waiting for you.

Recently, you’ve learned how to pick up the phone and call daddy all by yourself. Last week, I caught you having a conversation with dad. I walked in on you telling him all about your day.

You’re starting to dress yourself and I’m beginning to think that I’ll have my hands full in that department.

You love your brother to pieces and call him “poochie” just like I do. Seeing you two together fills my heart with so much joy.

You are kindhearted and sweet.  You say thank you and give us kisses without being prompted to do so. And when you get excited you clench your fists and shake from the excitement. It’s a bit scary but fun to watch!

To the little girl that made me a mama… Happy birthday.

Lets have a bunch more!!


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This little girl…

She’s only two but she’s so smart, loving and helpful.  Lately, she has made it a point to involve herself in every inch of our daily lives and we would not have it any other way.

She loves so deeply and her affection keeps us going when our strength is super low and the things that come out of her mouth are funny and always catch us off guard.

I thought I’d write a few of them down:

“Momma I don’t like to play with boys.  I like girls and doggies”

“Mom I need to take a quick bath because I just can’t take this anymore”

“I’m thinking I need to go to Mickey’s house next month”

Me: “Grace please put all the puzzles away”  Grace: “Mom you do it yourself I’m going on a horse ride”

Grace: “Mom, can we go to the beach? Me: Yes honey we can go. Grace: But are there sharks? I don’t like sharks. Me: Yes honey there are sharks but they’re far away in the deep ocean and they can’t get us. Grace: Are they sleeping? Me: Umm…. Maybe. Grace:They’re in the ocean with dori and coral and Ariel? Me: Yes honey. Grace: Ok I want to go see them next month. Me: Ok honey we’ll go”

“Ok mom, listen, I’m going to go poopoo and pee and then I’m going to eat a cupcake. Sounds like a plan?”

“This is the rule. I have to hold mommas hand tight. If I let go I can get a big ouchi. Right momma?”

motherhood blog

motherhood blog
more sayings here, here and here

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A few days ago I was looking through iphone pictures that I did not recognize or remember taking.  As I took the time to observe them, I realized that they were all taken from a four foot vantage point and came to the conclusion that we had a budding photographer in our midst. We’ve always known that Grace has been able to make phone calls and watch all of the episodes of Mickey that are available at her fingertips, but I was shocked when I saw her first selfie on my screen. At first I thought about giving her a lecture about momma’s iphone and how it’s off limits, but instead I pulled some of the pictures she’s taken and decided to share them on this space.  Since then, I’ve been nurturing her creativity and I’m having a wonderful time watching her face light up when she finds something “interesting” to shoot.


(null)^^ they’re not the most flattering but they all sort of come together to tell a story^^


(null)^^this is my favorite one thus far^^



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ale and tere a family blogale and tere a family blogale and tere a family blog

Talking to this little girl is so much fun.  Sometimes I sit and just probe to see what else she’ll say, and the conversation never ceases to amaze me.  Last week, she wanted a snack.  She walked herself over to the fridge, pulled out a juice box and sat on the couch to drink it.  That was the moment I realized that there’s another person in this house and the days of Ale and Tere and our little baby are long behind us.  We now have a walking, talking, self thinking, expressive little girl who is making herself at home.

Here are a few of her recent sayings:

“Mommy don’t give me a nap today please!”

“Momma you’re my best friend”

Me “Grace would you like a banana?”  Grace “umm maybe later mom. I want some oatmeal with honey bear on it”

Ale trying to wake her up one morning “two more minutes” and then she rolled over.  Seriously??

Grace: “What did God tell Eve mom?”

Me: “I don’t know honey what did He say?” Grace: “He said don’t eat the fruit and then they naked.  They disobedient mommy”

“Momma you’re not feeling good?  You need some memicine”

“Let’s go down the slide.  I go first, then you go first”

Grace trying to work the iPad “Come on you stinking thing!”

Grace “Mommy says I can’t touch the eggs because they come from chicken butt butts”



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