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 At three years old… You go back-and-forth between wanting to be Elsa and Snow White. You ask for glass slippers and a crown and would wear a princess dress all day long if I let you. You call daddy prince charming and sometimes I overhear […]


This little girl… She’s only two but she’s so smart, loving and helpful.  Lately, she has made it a point to involve herself in every inch of our daily lives and we would not have it any other way. She loves so deeply and her […]


A few days ago I was looking through iphone pictures that I did not recognize or remember taking.  As I took the time to observe them, I realized that they were all taken from a four foot vantage point and came to the conclusion that we had a budding photographer in our midst. We’ve always known that Grace has been able to make phone calls and watch all of the episodes of Mickey that are available at her fingertips, but I was shocked when I saw her first selfie on my screen. At first I thought about giving her a lecture about momma’s iphone and how it’s off limits, but instead I pulled some of the pictures she’s taken and decided to share them on this space.  Since then, I’ve been nurturing her creativity and I’m having a wonderful time watching her face light up when she finds something “interesting” to shoot.


(null)^^ they’re not the most flattering but they all sort of come together to tell a story^^


(null)^^this is my favorite one thus far^^




Talking to this little girl is so much fun.  Sometimes I sit and just probe to see what else she’ll say, and the conversation never ceases to amaze me.  Last week, she wanted a snack.  She walked herself over to the fridge, pulled out a juice box […]


Every night this week I’ve thought about writing about the things that are really important. About the deep issues that I struggle with, about how much my heart is aching for countries in the midst of war and about my fears of bringing another human into […]


a florida family bloga florida family blogflorida family blogthese days, mornings are slow and usually quiet. sometimes they start at 9am. sometimes grace sleeps till 8:30 and cuddles with me for another half hour before we even contemplate leaving the coziness of our bed. ale’s schedule changes every day and most of the time he’s gone before we decide to open our eyes. on days he goes in to work late, he’ll join us for our morning cuddles. no two days are the same.  there’s no consistency and i’m ok with it.

i’m ok with the pace of life these days. there’s no rush. we take our time, walk our doggy, drink coffee and maybe we’ll have breakfast by 10:30. sometimes we watch mickey and eat cereal on the floor. if we’re up to it, we’ll cook up a healthy organic feast complete with eggs, bacon and pancakes! there’s no difference between a weekday or a weekend and nap times are mandatory for gracie and this momma.

it hasn’t always been this way. before grace was born, i took pride in my morning routines. i was an advocate for rising before the sun and did not allow myself to sleep past 7am on a weekend. i was healthy, disciplined, up at 4:50am and at the gym by 5am. i would accomplish half of my to-do’s before 8am and i was proud of my productivity.

having a baby during nursing school changes you and makes you re-evaluate your priorities. everything that i knew to be true about mornings lost it’s value and no longer held the same weight as before. i spent the first 2 years of gracie’s life balancing a medical surgical book on one hand and a crying baby on the other. there were no such things as mornings and evenings… it was just one big mesh of time.  i was either awake or falling asleep.  i would study during feeding time and face-time her between classes holding back tears. it changed me.

sometimes i think about pulling up my bootstraps and making the effort to be at the gym before 6am, but then i remember that soon things will change for us. our baby will be here in a matter of weeks and then the nights will mesh into days and sleep will be a distant memory. maybe one day circumstances will change and i’ll take pride in getting everything done before lunch time. maybe.

for now, we’re soaking in our slow mornings. we’re walking more, catching butterflies, watering our plants and rearranging our furniture. we have dance parties, watch sunsets and take each other in because we know that this time we’re given is a short one.

so, what are your mornings like?  are you a disciplined 5am gym person or are you currently going through a slower season?

whatever the case, here’s to mornings and to all the one-legged-pj-wearing little girls!

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gracie is sick. i tucked her in, gave her medicine, turned her humidifier on and made all of the accommodations necessary for her to have a restful night.  i’ve been tending to sick two year old all day and i still had about 6 more things […]


i was recently having a conversation with a girlfriend when the topic of our lives pre-kids came up. we shared a laugh and both agreed that although life before having kiddos was a great one, neither of us would trade it for what we have […]


oh gracie 3a few of my daily conversations with my little girl. she’s two going on 10 and has a vocabulary to match!

me: tucking her in at bedtime “close your eyes baby”  grace: “umm no mommy… maybe i’ll go water the plants”

me:  “grace do you like the yogurt?” grace: smiling and nodding “mommy the cookie is spectacular!” (what cookie?)

grace sitting on the floor with bauer (our schnauzer) “come sit with me buddy, lets be friends”

me: “grace, what’s your favorite food to eat? grace, with both arms in the air, “cake!”  me: “and what’s your second favorite? grace: “chips!” (might need to add more veggies into her diet.. yikes!)

ale: “gracie, where are we going this afternoon?”  grace: “mickey’s house!”  (i think we’ve been to disney one too many times)

grace: “mommy look at the baby duckies!, oh i love you baby duckies!”

me:  “gracie baby it’s time for night night”  grace: “no way jose mommy!”

grace: “mommy what’s in your mouth?”  me: nothing  grace: “it’s chocolate mommy i want some!”

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what a whirlwind these past two years have been. i still remember the first day we dropped grace of at grandmas and headed to a 9 hour school/work day.  it broke my heart.  she was 14 days old and i cried the entire way there. […]