I couldn’t let this weekend pass by without capturing a few moments.  Alex was home with us for four days straight and we were all in a vacation state of mind.  Really… the laundry piled up, we all went to bed way passed our bedtime and we are all still on a sugar high.  Oh what a great weekend it was!



Like these two, learning to share headphones and picking out their music.  They love singing along and get so excited when their favorite song comes on.



These two on the keyboard.  Emory loves sitting with Alex and playing along to church music.  I am pretty sure we have some very musically inclined kids and can’t wait to see how those talents are used later on in life.



We watched the Thanksgiving day parade and face-timed with the grandparents.



Alex sat and read through 15 books with the kids.  Over and over until they all filled their love tank.  It is always so sweet watching them interact with each other.



We put up our yearly ornament this year.  It’s a fun one that commemorates all of the family travel we’ve done this year.  Of course, I bedazzled it a little.


These two.. I just can’t



The socks…



That face and hair that just will not be tamed.



Grace is learning how to ride her scooter.  She’s finally tall enough to figure out how it works and she’s really determined to figure out how it works.  So far no major injuries.



Emory and her sweetest hands



Grace has made some amazing little girlfriends here in NE.  Last week I saw Grace share her emotions about one of her little friends and it just made my heart so full.  She loves so deeply and I love that she doesn’t hold back. Her heart is HUGE!!



This little boy… I want to eat those cheeks!



Grace has a way capturing everyone’s attention.  She’s so charismatic and fun to be around. We spent Thanksgiving with our church family and loved every minute of it.  They opened their home and welcomed us.  One day I hope to do that for someone else.  It’s a life changing gesture that I will never forget.


Happy Thanksgiving friends.