today is a very important day at the gonzalez house for two reasons:

  1. am officially D.O.N.E with nursing school!!! This is a pretty big deal for us and a 3-year project in the making
  2. we are celebrating gracie’s 2nd birthday today!!! WOOHOO!!

grace has been prepping all week long for her birthday. she has been blowing out candles left and right and singing the birthday song all week long! she knows it’s all for her and i can’t wait to see the excitement in her face when we gather around and sing happy birthday!

so far we’ve started our day face timing our parents, singing happy birthday and diving into birthday pancakes complete with a birthday candle just for her. we’ve decided to have a small party with our immediate family tonight and shower her with lots of hugs, kisses and attention. nothing fancy… what’s important is that she feels extra special.

20140501-075047.jpgi started thinking about how we celebrated birthdays when we were kids. my family has this tradition, that on our birthdays we’d all cram into the birthday boy/girls’s bedroom and sing happy birthday at the top of our lungs. my dad would bring in his guitar and with pj’s and bed hair we would serenade the special person. to this day we try to all or facetime each other early in the morning and sing happy birthday. It’s a good memory.

how do you celebrate birthdays in your family? any quirky traditions or good memories? we’d love to hear them!


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