Considering the amount of pictures I share, you wouldn’t think that I label myself a “picture hogger.” I love sharing photos from our experiences, vacations and our time together as a family. However sometimes, I feel like once those pictures are out there, and shared, then the adventure has come to an end. I was that way about our New York trip, Waco trip, and my first Colorado post. Today, I’m sharing the last of my Colorado pictures. They’re my absolute favorite and I know that because it has taken me this long to post them.

Here’s the thing about trips and memories. Although I would love to hog them all and keep them to myself, they’re meant to be shared and enjoyed over and over even if it’s through this space on the Internet. I loved this trip so much. We had such an amazing time taking in the mountains, the fresh air and enjoying nature as a family. These pictures are from Whitney Lake Trail.  It was a five mile hike that took us more than three hours to complete.  It may have been four, I can’t quite recall. What I do recall, is how challenging and beautiful it was. All together, we were four adults and four kids (my brother and sister-in-love met us there).  Grace hiked the entire trail and did such an amazing job. We really were impressed with her overall stamina.


This guy did such a great job as well.  Five minutes into our hike, Haddon hurt his foot and Alex had to carry him the rest of the way.  It took us a while to agree on that, but he took on the challenge we were all glad he did.

Seeing mountains for the fist time was something wonderful.  Something we’re definitely not used to.


These two cuties.  They made this trip so much fun. 

This picture is a little blurry, but it’s an image that will forever be ingrained in my mind.  My boys, hiking. Such determination and both so handsome.

There were different times throughout this hike where my mind was so overwhelmed with nature and beauty that all I could do was stop and thank God for allowing us to witness His creation.  We were so high up the mountain and the weather was perfect.  There was also the soothing sound of running water and the breeze shuffling the leaves. It was perfect.  We were winded at times, but it was perfect.


We finally reached the top, which looked like a winter wonderland.  The entire area smelled like pine and Christmas and the snow was so heavy that we couldn’t get passed the log-bridge to finish the trail.  This was where we turned around and of course Alex and Grace stuck their feet in the freezing water.


I’ll never forget this trip to Colorado.  But, like all good things, we live through them, relish them and share them.  Here are to vacations, to family, to God’s amazing creation and to not hogging pictures!