We are just a couple of weeks away from welcoming our fourth baby and I am so excited about embracing alllll things baby.  There are so many things I love about the baby stage.  Their toes, their lips, and their sweet baby breath is so intoxicating it makes the zombie phase so worth it.

This is our first winter baby (Grace, Haddon, and Emory were born in FL) and I have rounded up a few essentials for winter newborns to share with you today.  Personally, although I am not looking forward to the freezing cold temperatures, I am so excited about dressing this baby up in all the cozy onesies and snuggling him up by the fireplace.

Winter Newborn Essentials

1.  Nose Frida 

Congestion is horrible when it comes to little ones.  They’re so helpless when they’re stuffy and get absolutely no sleep.  The first time I saw this gadget, I cringed, but once I gave it a chance, I was sold.  We still use it on Emory since she hasn’t figured out how to blow her little nose yet.

2. Wearable blanket 

This is one of my favorite wearable blankets.  Usually, tiny ones like to be swaddled, but some don’t.  Haddon wasn’t into swaddle blankets and this was our best way to keep him snuggled and warm without adding any extra blankets.

3.  Humidifier

Our house has a central humidifier, but winter months can be brutal for our respiratory tract.  Adding a room humidifier helps our sweet babes with their breathing and overall dryness.  We always change our water often and make sure that the bigger kids can’t touch it.

4. Warm headwear

We have this cute little infant knitted hat. It’s super cute and keeps our babies warm.  I always pay attention to the chin straps and make sure it’s not too tight or so loose that they can put it in their mouths.

5. Wipe warmer

This is a must and Alex makes light of the fact that I haven’t stopped talking about a wipe warmer ever since we got pregnant. When Grace was born, we didn’t have a wipe warmer.  Every time we changed her diaper in the middle of the night, I felt terrible that wiping her with a cold wipe.  Soon after we realized that a wipe warmer was a must and promised to never change a midnight diaper without a warm wipe on hand.

6. Fleece booties

Little feet get so cold so fast.  These are really cozy and perfect for when we’re just hanging out at home or running errands.

7. Bunting 

There’s no question that we are going to be out playing in the snow this year.  Maybe not in November, but come February, this baby will be out and about with the other three.  This is the warmest suit! I am hoping I can find them for Grace and Haddon too since one-piece suits are the way to go when it comes to snow.

8. Car seat cover

According to all of our veteran northern mom friends, this is a must! If we’re out and about, one of the best ways to keep the baby warm is by wrapping one of these around the car seat. We can’t use a winter coat while the baby is inside the car seat, so a cozy outfit and this cover is the next best thing.

The overall rule of thumb is to keep one more layer on than what I would wear. That way you can avoid overheating your baby.  Also, check on them all the time.  Check the straps on their little hat, their fingers, and toes as they can get scrunched up in all of the layers.