the weather has been just perfect for spending time outdoors! last week we took a family day trip to zoo miami with the in-laws and had a blast with all the lions and tigers and bears!!!  ale and i visited zoo miami before grace was born and loved it so much we knew we wanted to come back with her. best part was hearing her name out the animals she has learned about in her books… except she was calling the rhinos hippos and all birds were ducks… but it’s ok… who can really tell them apart…right??

we started our day with a true cuban breakfast…have I mentioned ale’s cuban?! like hard core pig roasting, dominoes playing, coffee drinking cuban and his parents are all about authentic cuban meals…PicMonkey Collage-zoo-1^^my inlaws chose the spot… i certainly know nothing about miami… Latin Cuban Cafeteria was their cafe of choice. if you’re ever visiting don’t expect a classy joint…this is definitely a mom and pop spot with plenty of seating and a window where you can order to-go.   you will however, leave with an ear-to-ear smile on your face and the warm feeling of being hugged by your tiny loving cuban grandmother.  i’m a serious coffee drinker and it looks as though grace might join me soon… check out my mother-in-law spoon feeding her cafe con leche…. part of me was a bit freaked out but the other was secretly proud^^PicMonkey Collage-zoo-2 PicMonkey Collage-zoo-3^^if you visit with children these little trolly cars are the best! they get first dibs on viewing all the animals and look incredibly cute riding shot-gun… thank God for seat belts! grace loved it! the hard part was capturing her facial expressions but with a few acrobatic maneuvers i managed to get a few shots of her lovely face.^^PicMonkey Collage-zoo-4 PicMonkey Collage-zoo-5 PicMonkey Collage-zoo-7PicMonkey Collage-zoo-8

PicMonkey Collage-zoo-9^^confession: i thought i was braver than i actually am.  the thought of feeding the giraffes was certainly a pretty cool one but standing there watching their long sticky tongues come at your fingers… yea… bravery went out-the window… i might have screamed a few times^^ PicMonkey Collage-zoo-10^^obviously my mother-in-law is braver than i am… she has no fear when it comes to handling these guys.^^

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