4th date of christmas/ dinner & hgtv special

We’re not big TV watchers and over the years, we have opted out of having cable at our home.  Not that we think there’s something wrong with TV it’s just cheaper to not have it and we end up doing a few more things that we don’t usually get around to doing when the TV is on (like blogging and reading) Not having cable was never a big deal for me and I never really missed TV… until Christmas rolled around and I was stuck watching the same Grinch movie for the 12th time instead of all of the wonderful Christmas specials that I knew for a fact we’re bringing Christmas cheer to people everywhere.

This years was a bit different for us.  For the first in our 4 years of marriage…we have cable during Christmas time and I am soaking it all in!!!  Every commercial and every Christmas themed show… and watching Grace say “santa” every time the ABC family little santa comes on the screen has been priceless!

Our fourth Christmas date consisted of soaking up one of my favorite specials  White House Christmas while eating pizza on the couch!!  It’s a bit silly and I always wonder how many of our tax dollars go into the 24 kt gold trees on the East entrance but my girl Genevieve Gorder hosts it and it’s always so magical to see the White House get blamed up for the holidays!








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