A GIVEAWAY with Natalie Borton Jewelery

Natalie Borton Jewelery

Keeping some sort of style while being pregnant does not come naturally to me.  Mainly because style in general is not my forte. So, when I find routines and jewelry pieces that work, I hold on to them for dear life!

These days, I feel a bit more put together (and dare I say chic) when I am able to do two things:

  1. A quick makeup routine
  2. Rock some beautiful statement jewelry
My makeup routine is super simple.  I stick to concealertinted moisturizermascara and this multipurpose stick for my lips and cheeks.  If I’m feeling extra fancy, I’ll color my eyebrows a tiny bit. Done!
Also, something so simple as a statement jewelry piece really brings my sweatpants and white t-shirt mom-uniform to the next level. These days, I have been rocking this Harlow Necklace by Natalie Borton.  Her jewelry pieces are minimal, neutral, unique and go with anything I pull out of my limited pregnancy wardrobe.  She also makes a small amount of each piece so you know there aren’t that many people out there wearing the same thing.  Sort of like a na-na-na-na-boo-boo!  Currently, I have my eye on this Sadie Necklace  and this Naomi Tassel Bracelet which I’m hoping to add on to my collection this mother’s day (*wink wink Alex!*)

Natalie Borton jewelery1

Here’s what’s in it for you… I’ve partnered with Natalie Borton to giveaway their beautiful Ily Bracelet Duo to one lucky winner!

The giveaway starts on Wednesday April 27,2016 and it will run through May 1st at 9pm EST. There are three ways to enter:

  1. Follow @NatalieBorton on IG
  2. Follow @wildlygraceful on IG
  3. Follow Wildly Graceful on Facebook 
  4. Subscribe to Wildly Graceful e-mails
  5. Leave a comment below and tell me how you entered the giveaway so I can contact you if you’re the lucky winner!

Good luck!

Natalie Borton Jewelery
“Natalie Borton is a jewelry designer and Glitter Guide Editor who covers style, motherhood, wellness and life. She live in Encinitas, California with her husband, Brian, and toddler son, Jack. She believes that beauty comes from who we are—not what we look like—and tries her hardest to live life accordingly. Her deepest desire is to help women live healthy, confident lives of true beauty and worth.”
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maternity fashion

maternity fashion

Hello homestretch!

I think the reality of this pregnancy has finally set in full force.  The other night I was making a mental list of everything we still need before baby Haddon joins us and I mildly started to hyperventilate. Changing table, onesies, socks, diapers, diaper cream, hospital bag, bassinette, bottles, bottle warmer, bouncer….

Umm… yea… this is happening and I am obviously not ready.

Ale is still finishing off this semester of school and I am not taking maternity leave until I’m being wheelchaired over to the labor and delivery floor.  So that means that most of our baby planning needs to be done in parts and as time permits. Please pray for us!

Also, I thought this would be a perfect time for our periodic pregnancy update.

Total weight gain? I mentioned last week on instagram that I was up 30 lbs and as of today that number still stands.  My baby app mentioned (in passing of course) that this little guy might still double in weight so I’m not sure what that number will hike up to be.  I think with Grace I reached 153lbs and I am almost there with 6 weeks to go!

Favorite moment this week?  I was rocking Gracie to sleep when all of a sudden baby Haddon had hiccups. I wasn’t sure if she was feeling them, but every time he would hiccup, her face would light up.  By the third hiccup she lifted up my shirt and said “Mommy baby Haddon is so cute, he wants to play with me!”  It was such a beautiful moment for me.  It was my first time seeing an interaction between the two of them and made me really excited about seeing them together.

Food cravings?  Yes! For some reason I have been downing gallons of orange juice.  During the beginning of my pregnancy with Grace that’s all I wanted to drink and then eventually the craving disappeared.  For some reason the OJ craving kicked in towards the end of this pregnancy.  We may not have much in our fridge right now, but be assured that day or night you will find that sweet sweet juice in there.

Maternity clothes? Ummm…. Yes! When I first realized that I was too big to fit into my normal pre-pregnancy clothes I secretly went into a mild hormone induced depression.  I thought that if I could squeeze into my jeans regardless of how uncomfortable they were, I was still in good shape.  I was so wrong in so many ways and my friends over at Pink Blush Maternity have helped me embrace this growing body of mine.  They allow me to wear clothing that actually fits me and that are incredibly comfortable.  They recently sent over this beautiful beige sparkle knit sweater, these super comfy black zipper cropped pants, this burgundy beige striped button back top and this super festive black embellished sweater. These days, Pink Blush clothing is all I wear and I could not be happier to have found them!

// I’ve written about Pink Blush here, here, here and here//

What are you looking forward to?  Honestly… the hospital stay.  I’m not a fan of hospitals (mainly because I work in one) but I am looking forward to checking in and closing my eyes for a few hours. I seriously need to catch up on sleep.  I think my body has been running on empty lately and I continue to demand so much from it.  Also, I’m looking forward to maternity leave and more than anything I can’t wait to hold my baby.  I already feel like he’s a huge part of this family and I can’t wait to welcome him into our home.

maternity fashion

maternity fashion

maternity fashion

maternity fashion

maternity fashion

maternity fashion

maternity fashion

maternity fashion

maternity fashion

I am soaking up every second I have with this little lady.  Soon she’ll have to share momma and daddy and although I know our family will grow in love, I want her to know that these past two years as a family of three have been the best years of my life.

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pink blush maternityThird trimester greeted us today with the best weather we’ve had all year and a day off for daddy-o!!!  We stopped by the park, cooked a warm and delicious chicken pot pie AND celebrated that we’ve reached the last third of our pregnancy. Hooray!!!  We’re officially at the homestretch and although we still have a significant amount of time to go Ale and I are high-fiving each other like Wade and Lebron used to, after one of their highlight plays. We are that much closer and it feels great to be here! 

Tonight we’ll probably lay in bed and watch our “what to expect” weekly video and wonder if our babe will have Ale’s eyes or my hair. We’ll talk about the day Gracie was born and all of the quirky things she says that make us laugh. 

So far, this pregnancy has been slow and steady and in honor of our next milestone, we’re following along with our pregnancy updates…

How far along are you?  27 weeks and 0 days.

Total weight gain? I finally checked. So far I’m up 26 lbs! I vowed that I wouldn’t look at the scale but at our last doctors appointment my nurse was very vocal about the amount of weight I had gained. For a moment I considered counting my calories and keeping track of my intake but then I remember how strict I am about my diet when I’m not pregnant and I had a piece of cake, and cheese and chocolate.

Favorite moment this week?  I’ve written about the “limbo” stage that I am currently in and about my struggle with figuring out if this is the right time to interview for jobs.  This week I went in for my fourth job interview at a very prestigious hospital.  Usually, I am very confident going into interviews, but this time I had jitters. I was nervous and felt so alone.  Right before I went into the room for the “grilling” session, I looked down at my belly and thought “let’s go get them kid!” My hands stop shaking and my confidence shot through the roof!

Food cravings?  Yes! I posted this picture a couple of days ago and I can’t stop thinking about that chicken sandwich.  I’ve always been more of nugget fan at chick-fil-a but MY GOODNESS that was a good sandwich.

Maternity clothes? Yes yes yes! Pink Blush Maternity has been my best friend throughout this pregnancy.  If it wasn’t for their beautiful and super comfortable clothing I would spend all day, every day in a pair of sweatpants and t-shirt. Seriously, I would!  I’m smitten by their clothing and have written about it here and here.  They recently sent my this sash tie maternity nursing dress and it’s the softest and most comfortable dress I’ve ever worn.  In these pictures I’m also wearing their turquoise red tribal layered bead necklace and my favorite Aldo riding boots.

Sleeping much?  NO! I haven’t slept through the night in about 4 weeks.  Grace is to blame for some of the sleep depravation.  She’s been waking up every night around 12:30am and then again at 3:00am.  I’m not sure what’s going on with this little girl.  I know she hasn’t outgrown the nap stage because she’ll fall asleep standing up during the day.  Somehow she can’t manage to stay asleep at night and it’s killing me.  The other culprit is the pregnancy bladder and my 3 bathroom breaks during the night. ugh!

pink blush maternity

pink blush maternity

pink blush maternity

pink blush maternity

pink blush maternity


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aleandtere and pink blush maternity

how far along are you?  24 weeks 6 days. 15 weeks and 1 day left! right around 20 weeks i stopped counting up and started counting down till due date. counting has been fun for us. during my first pregnancy, i’d check in to my baby app daily and get updates of how our little girl was doing. with this babe, i downloaded the app around 13 weeks and have made it a point to watch the weekly video showing his progress. it’s something we look forward to every week.

total weight gain?   not sure. i stopped keeping track after 15 weeks. with grace, i used maybe 3 maternity pieces (mainly tops) and i never needed maternity bottoms. i used a belly band and the rubberband trick all the way to my due date. i was “all belly.” not so with this one. i can’t pull any of my pants passed my thighs and i’ve already gotten the oh so sweet comments from family members which sound something like “your face has changed with this one” and “i can tell it’s a boy by how big you’ve gotten.” nothing like honesty from family.

any stretch marks? only the ones i’ve always had. my mom has one tiny stretchmark from all four of her pregnancies and i hear that they’re hereditary… so i’m hoping her elastic skin was passed down to me.

favorite moment this week? grace has been napping in her “big girl” bed this week and i’ve shared with her that the big bed would become her new bed and baby Haddon would be taking her “little” bed. she smiled and looked really excited about the transition.

are you having a lot of movement? YES! he moves all the time… specially when he’s hungry. maybe  my growling tummy rattles him up, I’m not sure but it’s like clockwork.

food cravings? early on, there were plenty of cravings but i’m not craving many things these days. i am however, devouring a box of digiorno supreme pizza as i type, so i’m fully satisfied… maybe i should answer this question when i’m hungry?

belly button in, or out? that sucker is out and i’m not very happy about it. i have to tell you… i love being pregnant but man i miss my cute belly button and my abs!

maternity clothes?  a couple of weeks ago, i talked about my inability to feel comfortable in any of my pre-pregnancy clothes and my excitement with finding a family owned company called pink blush maternity. finding them was truly a breath of fresh air. they have allowed me to feel comfortable throughout this transition and have helped me accept my growing body. i’ve received a few pieces over the last month and i couldn’t be happier with their maternity line. they recently sent me this ivory tribal embroidered sleeve maternity top and the softest black skinny jeans. the top is flowy and roomy which makes me feel super comfortable – even after a big meal, not to mention it has the prettiest design embroidered on the sleeves. about the jeans… at first i thought wearing skinny jeans was a bit of an oxymoron but oh goodness these are wonderful! they are soft and stretchy (perfect for the remaining 15 weeks of pregnancy)  also, i might just wear them post baby… that’s allowed right?

aleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternityaleandtere and pink blush maternitythis little girl keeps me on my toes and as a mom, having clothing that’s comfortable and grows with me is a priority.  i’m very grateful to have found pink blush maternity, their transitional pieces of clothing have allowed me and my babe to embrace life!

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