For the past few weeks, my mom has insisted on scheduling family time.  It’s not an easy task, but once a week we all clear our schedules, divi up a menu and for a couple of hours we all share a meal.  It’s usually dinner at someone’s home. However, last week we all met up for breakfast (doughnuts, bagels and coffee) at Volunteer park.

what to do in florida^^My in-laws joined us and we were all incredibly glad they did.  I also had a chance to toss the football around with my brothers.  It brought back memories of when we all lived under the same roof and spent time running around with each other^^

what to do in florida^^These little girls are beautiful, the food was outstanding and my dad’s smile is priceless.  I think this is the best picture I’ve ever taken of him and the happiest I’ve seen him in a while.  Also, that straw hat is my favorite!^^

what to do in florida^^ I’m grateful for my parents (and in-laws) and for the importance that they place on family.  They have taught us how to love unconditionally and how to place others before ourselves^^

what to do in florida

what to do in florida^^We walked over to Winters End Farm and caught a glimpse of a Plantation Acres Saddle Club competition.  Grace loved the horses and we had to hold on to her really tight.  If we’d let her, she would have jumped on the saddle and taken off with Dakota the beautiful horse^^

what to do in florida
what to do in florida^^count on my daughter to be the one sticking her face on the mister.  She was soaked!  Also, how beautiful is this picture of Sam and baby Simon?? He’s 10 months and cute as a button^^

what to do in florida^^ I think that when we’re older and our kiddos are grownup, we’re going to remember these times.  We’re going to think about our parents and are going to thank them for engraving in us the real meaning of family^^


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