A few days ago I was looking through iphone pictures that I did not recognize or remember taking.  As I took the time to observe them, I realized that they were all taken from a four foot vantage point and came to the conclusion that we had a budding photographer in our midst. We’ve always known that Grace has been able to make phone calls and watch all of the episodes of Mickey that are available at her fingertips, but I was shocked when I saw her first selfie on my screen. At first I thought about giving her a lecture about momma’s iphone and how it’s off limits, but instead I pulled some of the pictures she’s taken and decided to share them on this space.  Since then, I’ve been nurturing her creativity and I’m having a wonderful time watching her face light up when she finds something “interesting” to shoot.


(null)^^ they’re not the most flattering but they all sort of come together to tell a story^^


(null)^^this is my favorite one thus far^^



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