Life lately: April

It happened again.  My iPhone’s memory is taking a stand against my picture happy fingers and it’s demanding it’s space back.  So here we are…

Grace turns THREE in a couple of days and has been doing a great job at reminding us that we’ll be going to Mickey’s House to celebrate.  She also has a running list of things she would like for her birthday like “a yellow princess dress, glass slippers, a purple balloon and sprinkle cake with fire on the candle”  So far I know there’s a yellow dress in the works… everything else is still up in the birthday wish atmosphere.

Last week, Grace had her first Starbucks. The real kind.  The one that’s prepared by a trendy pierced barista.  It was a semi-hot chocolate, complete with a cup sleeve and her name on the cup.  She was so excited to be holding the same cup as mama and I was happy to be sharing that moment with her.

I have been so tired lately that there hasn’t been much time for cooking.  So, I’ve been getting by with cashews, raisins and the occasional cheese stick.  Most of our meals come either from grandmas house or ale throwing down in the kitchen.  If I’m lucky, he’ll grill a steak or order a pizza (he brings home the bacon and cooks it too ladies and gents!)

these days, you can find us at the pool. Haddon went in for the first time last week and loved it. Grace has been taking swimming lessons with aunt Sammy and has been doing incredibly well. We might develop gills before the summers out.

this little boy and his beautiful face! Also, is anyone else with me on this quote?  I feel like this every day.  I have a long to-do list and the desire to tackle everything at one time, but then I look at my babies and all I want to do is sit with them and just watch them grow.   These days, we’ve been counting down until this mama’s schedule changes to part-time.  I have two days to go until the “big change” and be assured that on that last day, we’ll throw a party. I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!  I’ll be emptying my phone, medicating patients and counting the minutes until I get to hug my kiddos. xoxo

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  1. Your kids are beautiful! And so are all your pictures! I try to make my pictures look perfect and artsy like that and it just doesn’t pan out.

  2. Mattie, Thank you love. Try using the VSCO app. That’s my go-to photo editing ap on my phone

  3. hehe. I think both Cheryl. He lost most of it except for the sides and the top… now it’s all coming back. Whenever we try to buzz a little off the sides he cries :0(

  4. it was fun to bump into you on fellowship friday tere:) i grew in in FL…ft. lauderdale. but we lived in hollywood for a few years in the 80’s as well as miami…way south. in 1988 we moved to TX. i would move back to FL in a minute if even one of m kids lived there…but they don’t. we live in AL now…near one daughter. i miss being near a beach, particularly the ft. lauderdale beach…loved it even tho’ i didn’t go there often.

    i love your blog:)