mommy and daddy show

I used to have a hard time understanding why parents (or educated adults for that matter) would speak to children in quirky voices.  It drove me crazy! I always thought that if you just reasoned with them, they would understand and we could all get on with our lives without the need for all the pomp-and-circumstance.  Boy did I have something coming… I am now that parent. The one that sings everything to their child.  When did “this is a tree and that is a dog” become a song?  I have a song for everything!  We sing about our house, our toes, the laundry… and what’s more comical, is that Ale has become quite the dancer.  He has managed to come up with a dance routine for all of the songs we sing to Grace. We have become entertainers and we are loving it. We are the mommy and daddy show and our little girl loves every bit of it. I can’t wait for the day when she’s singing and dancing right there with us. Until then, we’ll sing and dance our happy hearts off with the hope that we are not annoying those around us…

4 month new born photography

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{on our plate} easy recipes for clean eating

A few years ago I suffered from chronic abdominal pain. It had a stronger flare up during moments of high stress but it was constant pain that did not seem to go away regardless of what I tried. I dealt with it for about 3 years until I finally decided to get checked out. Test after test doctors could not figure out what was causing the pain and hurried off to diagnose me with IBS -which to me is the cop-out way of saying “we don’t really know what’s wrong with you.”

I resolved to take matters into my own hands and turned to natural way of healing. Nothing weird, I just began to pay more attention to what I was putting into my body and monitored my progress as I went along. I resolved to eat foods that had no preservatives in them and leaned more towards natural and non processed ingredients. This was a difficult move from my end considering I was surrounded by packaged lunch meats, delectable cheeses and all sorts of wonderful things that come in a plastic wrapping.

Four years later and I am now starting to get the hang of this new eating style and have taken control of my abdominal pain flare ups. I have experimented with more vegetarian dishes and have splashed along the shores of veganism (I’m not there yet). Along the way I have pulled inspiration from a few vegetarian blogs (Roost, Green Kitchen Stories, My New Roots) and have gathered scrumptious recipes that Ale (a Cuban carnivore) and I have come to really enjoy.

All that to say that we will be adding a new category to our blog that revolves around easy recipes that are somewhat vegetarian and focus on  our healthy eating adventures and because keeping a recipe book is somewhat antiquated, this will help me keep all our recipes in one place.

We also believe that one of the best things about an adventure is sharing it with others, so if you come across a great blog, recipe, or ingredient that we should try… or if you have any suggestion on how to tweak the recipes we’re posting please send them our way. So excited!! Below is one of our favorite go-to recipes for pesto.  Enjoy!

{quick and easy parsley and walnut pesto}

easy recipes for clean eating

2 cups fresh flat leaf parsley
3 tbs capers
3 crushed garlic cloves
3/4 cup of olive oil
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
1/3 cup gratted parmesan cheese

Mix everything in food processor for two minutes and store in an air tight conatiner over night.  Serve over warm crusty bread.

*this can be a vegetarian dish/ vegan if you opt out of the parmesan cheese*

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Sleepless and heading to Naples, FL

During the sleep depravation time in our lives (the first three months with our little one) Ale and I planned our entire week around what we called “nap dates.”  We would drop off the baby at one of our parent’s house and instead of going on our usual fancy shmancy date, we would stay in, crank the AC, pull out the down comforter and sleep! Four hours of uninterrupted sleep! It was better than sitting at any restaurant  (I mean who needs food when you can’t keep your eyes open… right??)

A couple of weeks ago this florida family headed over to the west side and drove till we hit the water for an extended “nap date.”  My oh my was it refreshing!!! It was the perfect mini-vacation.  Far enough to feel like we were on a real vacation but close enough to run home incase of an emergency.

Here’s a little clip of our extended nap date…

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Florida baby: 3 months

It has been a LONG three months of sleep depravation. So much so that Ale and I began to accept the zombie look as the new “normal” and could not recall what we looked like before she took over our lives – no…really…his exact words were “I can’t remember what you looked like before getting pregnant.” Ha!  But after many sleepless nights, I am happy to say that we have reached the light at the end of the tunnel, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the promise land… SHE SLEEPS! And not just a mild snooze, but a 7 hour, knocked-out, can’t-wake-me-if-you-tried sleep.  We are so excited we don’t know what to do with ourselves! For now we will attempt to catch up on some much needed zz’s and have conversations that don’t start with “one day, when we get more sleep, we should…”

newborn photography

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