easy cobbler recipethis week, we’re enjoying the last summer peaches and I couldn’t think of a better way to bid summer farewell than by making this simple and scrumptious peach and blueberry cobbler alongside my mother AND my two year old daughter. it’s a no-brainer recipe but the flavors of the sweet peaches, the tart blueberries and the earthiness of the rum, all come together and have a summer dance party in your mouth.  it really is that tasty!

we have the best and oh so easy peach and blueberry cobbler recipe over at pencilled daydream today!  here are a few pictures. click here for the full recipe.

easy cobbler recipe easy cobbler recipe

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  1. Nice! I brought back a bunch of peaches from Georgia the other weekend. Been making all kinds of stuff with them. Froze 5 Peach Cobblers and made Jam. On to the Pecans now!!! Looks delicious! Hoping you are feeling better Tere? Hugs to Gracie. Cheryl.