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It’s here! The moment everyone in the midwest has been talking about for the past 11 months! FALL!!! This is our first official fall friends.  We are waking up high 50’s degree weather, the leaves are starting to change and there are fall festivals everywhere. […]


Every year around this time, my family and I sharpen up our carving tools and put our game faces on for our Navarro/ Gonzalez Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. This year, mom made a finger food spread and sammy whipped up some hot chocolate to get us […]


fall wreath diyLast Sunday was the first and ONLY day that we’ve felt a tiny bit of cool weather around here.  It wasn’t really cold, it was more like 72 degrees and sunny… but it was beautiful and we were happy gals. Grace and I wanted to be outside for most of the day and during one of our walks, we ran into a few fallen magnolia leaves that we picked up for a fall wreath DIY project.

fall wreath diy

Magnolia wreath DIY

Magnolia wreath DIY^^ The “cold” was only with us for a few hours hence the jacket coming off very quickly^^

Magnolia wreath DIY^^ We moved to this apartment complex last year and since then, only once have we seen these trees adorned with the most beautiful white flowers.  They are HUGE and have such a sweet smell to them. ^^

Magnolia wreath DIY


Wire wreath form // Scissors // Glue gun // Dried magnolia leaves // Green floral wire

Magnolia wreath DIY


ONE// Organize the leaves according to their size (This will help later on when you have to fill in the empty spaces)

TWO// Cut a 4-inch piece of wire and loop one of the larger leaves around the outside of the wreath form. (The wire is malleable but it can hurt your fingers after a while, so hang in there!)

THREE// Repeat step two making your way towards the inside of the wreath staggering the smaller leaves and filling in all of the spaces

FOUR// With the hot glue, go back and secure the leaves to each other. This allows for the wreath to be a bit more secure and sturdy. Also, you might have to hold the leaves tight to make sure they stick.

Magnolia wreath DIY

Magnolia wreath DIY

Fall wreath DIYFall wreath DIYThis turned out to be one of the prettiest, easiest, and cheapest projects I’ve ever worked on.  The wire wreath form cost me about $2.50 at Michaels (I had a 50% off coupon) and the floral wire was on sale as well. All together I probably spent about $4.  Score!

I initially hung the wreath outside our door but we only got the chance to appreciate it once or twice a day.  Although it was nice coming home to a festive door, the wreath deserved a bit more appreciation and it was moved indoors. I was very pleased with how pretty and rustic it made our dining area look.  I added a few shimmery gold circles from a previous DIY that I taped to the wall and now our home is a bit more dolled up for fall!

P.S:  I had every intention of using the “G” that’s in the picture above but I could not figure out how.  I had already taken the pictures and didn’t want to edit it too much and have it look funny.  sorry.

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