This week we had our family over.  We celebrated Christmas day together playing football in the snow and eating all of the things.  We went sledding and had a wine and cheese spread for New Year’s Eve.  We laughed, I cried, we held each others babies and had a couple of sibling spats.  It was perfect.  It was everything I could ever ask for and more.  My brother Jorge and his family are headed back over for a few more days before they fly back home for good (insert cry fest)  If you need me, I’ll be snuggling baby Selah and making hot cocoa and snow cones for the kiddos.   Also, it may be time to let go of those 10 lbs I’ve been holding on to… so whole 30 here we come!

No crazy resolutions this year folks.  I just want to relish time with my babies and love on Alex fiercely.  I am hoping for a few more travel miles under our belt and a great school year with my big girl… first grade this year!

Here’s to all the good that 2017 brought us and to our best year yet! 



All of these babies make me so happy.  They’re all a little crazy and so much fun in their own way. They were also in bed by 7:30!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these girls!

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