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We have a lot of plans for this summer. Some involve traveling, entertaining and a few home projects.  We just recently got back from Colorado and we had an amazing time! This week we’re hosting a few church friends for dinner and because we like to put our best foot forward, we are planning on giving our bathroom a little facelift.  The bathroom gets a lot of use around here, especially during the summer months when we have guests over. For this reason, we are giving our bathroom a little bit of a refresh and today I am sharing with you three steps to a summer ready bathroom.
I love these kind of projects because they are not complete renovations, but with a little paint and a few stylish products from Target you can really freshen up a room!

Here are my three steps to a summer ready bathroom


I. Paint

We have three kids, and often the walls get scuffed up and marked up with crayons or just every day wear-and-tear. When we moved in, we made sure that the builders left a little bit of interior paint so that we can do touchups throughout the year. That paint is coming in handy today. We like to use a light gray hue, because it makes the bathroom feel airy and spacious. Also, applying some paint on the wall allows you to have a fresh canvas when it comes to decorating.


II. Storage

In order to keep the clutter to a minimum, I like to set up storage units under the sink, over the toilet, in the shower and on the counter. This allows me to give everything it’s proper space and keeps all the clutter off the floor.  I brought in baskets from Target to hold magazines, towels, and to help display our toilet paper. It’s something that everybody uses in the bathroom, and by displaying it in a tasteful way, your guest will feel right at home.   Speaking of toilet paper, we use Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls. The Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls are four regular rolls in one so they last longer and look fuller! Also, it’s nice to have one less thing to think about when you have a house full of guests.


III. Bring in fresh decorations

I pulled my inspiration from a cute Quilted Northern® Mega Rolls character named Sir Froggy. His look is relaxing and classy with an upscale contemporary design. You can check more inspiration out here. For decorations, I stopped by my local Target because Target is my go-to store when he comes to buying decorations for my home. As a matter fact, it’s my go to store for buying EVERYTHING for my home. I like to bring in fresh decorations such as bright paintings, wood tones to match our granite countertops, fresh white towels, and a few florals to bring the look all together.  What’s important is to bring pieces that allow the bathroom to feel welcoming and crisp with an overall summer vibe.

That’s it. Those are my three steps to a summer ready bathroom and what we did to give my bathroom a bit of a facelift. I hope these tips help you in your bathroom refresher this summer.
Be sure to check out Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls  at Target, you can also find them on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
Also, you can save 10% off Quilted Northern Mega Toilet Paper on Cartwheel 6/20-7/8 and you can buy 3 Packs of Quilted Northern Mega Toilet Paper, you can get a $5 Target Gift Card (valid 6/18-6/24.)
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#MegaSummerRefresh #Sweepstakes (6/19 to 7/31)

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I often share how important physical activity is for me.  I am a completely different person and I feel my best mentally, physically, and spiritually, when I exercise on a daily basis. My view on exercise has also shifted over the years. Before Grace was born, I enjoyed going on long runs. My routine consisted of getting out for an hour at a time and running until I felt like my legs were going to fall off. I loved it.  I felt like I gave everything I had. When Haddon was born, we lived in a beautiful apartment complex with a gym that was down stairs, it had playroom and it was absolutely beautiful. Those days, I found myself at the gym almost every day because it was so convenient. With our recent move to Nebraska, and the addition of our third child, leaving the house to work-out it’s not feasible.
These days, my routine varies on a daily basis depending on multiple factors. The kids being able to nap, the degree of sleep deprivation, and unexpected events that come about when you have three kids with no babysitters.
What doesn’t vary, is my desired to be active and my belief that working out is much more important than looking a certain way.  It’s about being able to pick-up two kids at the same time and pushing all three of them up a hill. Being able to play with my kids and engaging them in play makes all of the sweat and pain worth it.
So, if you find yourself with a lot of help and are able to make it to the gym that’s wonderful! However if you’re like me, and you’re on your own most of the time with three kids, I’m here to help. I want to share with you a few simple moves that I do everyday (take or leave a day or two).  These are simple moves, but consistency is the name of the game! I’ve realized that it’s more important for me to do four workout moves every day than kill it at the gym two days a week.

Here are my top four exercise moves that can be done almost anywhere and my favorite moves to practice on a daily basis. Also, sometimes this is what my home-workouts look like

First off, make sure you stretch. I make sure to stretch my major muscle groups and get started


You can’t go wrong with pushups! There are a few ways you can do them and you can even modify them to make them easier or more difficult depending on your physical ability. It may not seem much, but I do 25 real/non-modified pushups every day.  When I started, I was not able to do five and I have slowly worked my way up.

As time progressed, I was able to feel myself getting stronger and little by little I have been able to increase the level of difficulty.

Squat Jumps

I love squat jumps! I feel like they’re a crazy mix of cardio and strength training.  I stand with my legs a little bit wider than shoulder width apart and go all the way down and squat (make sure your knees are behind your ankles when you squat). Then I spring up as high and as hard as I can, paying attention to my core and I make sure that I land softly to protect my knees.  Then I do it again 24 more times.   You’ll be winded at the end and if you feel like you can do more, then go into a burpee (go down to a plank or a pushup when you land from your “leap”) These get me in SHAPE! Make sure that you’re focusing on proper form rather than trying to reach a number.  It’s not worth getting injured!

Half boats

I love these for my abs. I start with knees pulled in and my abs super tight! Think of bringing your bellybutton all the way towards your spine.  Stretch your legs out in front of you in a wide V motion and bring it all right back.  Don’t let your shoulders touch the floor and move slowly and controlled.  I keep my arms by my side, with my palms facing up but you can bring your arms behind your head if you want to make it more challenging. I also do 25 of these.  Also, keep your head aligned with your spine so you’re not tucking your chin in and hurt your neck.
I’m not sure if you’re catching my rhythm here, but I start by doing 25 of each of these moves.  That’s it! Then I can get on with running after children, making lunches and folding all the laundry.  I don’t have the privilege to go to a gym or to dedicate any more time to working out. This is it. This is all the time I have these days and for now, this is my best!
Doing these moves every day has allowed me to get my arms and legs stronger and my mid-section is starting to feel like it used to before three babies had their way with it.

Weighted squats

Squats are soooo good for me.  They workout my quads, my hamstring and my glutes! You can do air squats (no weights) to start off and them build your way up.  I like to add weight when I can because I feel like I get better results. For a long time I thought that weights were going to bulk me up and make me look more masculine than I would like to, but I was so wrong.  These days, if I can add weight to my workouts, I go for it!
I usually wear my exercise clothes all day long and when I’m ready I throw them in the washer I like to make sure I use Purex® Crystals because they offer 12 Weeks of Freshness and they leave my workout clothes smelling amazing! They also provide great scent for a great price. There are two favorite scents that I swap between. Purex® Crystals Fresh Moutain Breeze (which smells like heaven) and Purex® Crystals Cherry Blossom and Ginger (which is part of their New Botanical scents made with a natural mineral based formula, without dyes and with essential oils, delivers long lasting freshness) yes!
 I add just a tiny bit to my clothes before turning the dryer on and that’s it! Log lasting freshness! 
These days, I like to pick up my Purex® Crystals on my regular trip to Walmart AND they are on rollback at Walmart now!
There is a lot that goes into a healthy lifestyle, like eating a whole foods diet that’s low in sugar, and being aware of your overall dietary intake. However, I’ve found that it’s more important to be consistent than to spend hours at the gym and then quitting after I’ve realized that I’ve taken on too much.

Happy excercising friends and remember that it’s all about being healthy and about doing your best to take care of the body that God gave you!

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Last night, Alex and I had a conversation about the change of seasons and how much fun it has been experiencing our first spring and how excited we are about the fact that summer is finally here! There are flowers blooming everywhere, the corn fields have a thin green layer of new growth over them, and the chilly days have been replaced with warm breeze. The days are getting warmer and warmer, and we are now grilling every day and pouring all of our drinks over ice!
Today, I am teaming up with International Delight® Iced Coffee to share with you my summer staple ice cream flavor Cinnamon-Mocha! I would usually gravitate toward something fruity, however the spice of the cinnamon, the flavor of coffee and the creamy flavor of International Delight® Iced Coffee has me all kinds of excited! Also, International Delight® Iced Coffee is easy to pour over ice and drink, but it also provides great flavors to different recipes… like this one!
This is an easy recipe. The hardest part is waiting for the ice cream to freeze completely.
2 cup of heavy cream
1/4 cup of cocoa powder
1/4 cup of brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon of Cinnamon
Pinch of salt
  • Combine all of the dry ingredients and set aside
  • In a medium bowl, Add the Cream, International Delight® Iced Coffee  and mix until well combined
  • Combine both of the dry and wet ingredients
  • Pour the mixture into your ice cream maker and mix according to the directions for your machine
  • After 30 minutes transfer to a airtight container and freeze for at least four hours

Want to see more easy recipes?

Check out our page ALL ABOUT OUR RECIPES! 

If you don’t have an ice cream machine, do not worry just pour the International Delight® Mocha Iced Coffee over ice and enjoy. These days, I am also into the International Delight® Caramell Machiatto Iced Coffee flavor. It’s a classic coffee house combo, without the hassle of getting the kids in the van and having to put make up on!
International Delight® Iced Coffee is affordable and convenient and you can pick it up at your local Walmart.

And if you need more ice cream inspiration here is my rum raisin ice cream.

Want to see it in action?? Check out this video we made!!  

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The weather is finally warming up and we are taking all of our meals outdoors. That’s right friends, I have very little indoor plans for the next two months! We are so excited about it, that Alex and I went out and purchased a grill!!  We have been wanting one for a while and it just so happened that we found a floor model on sale! yes!  Best way I know to celebrate this warm weather is to make my Pineapple and Cilantro Turkey Burgers. Friends, this is not your regular burger.  These burgers are HUGE, messy, and absolutely delicious!
Most of the time I try to stay away from the mess, but not this time. This time I teamed up with Dixie Ultra® Paper Plates, because I know that they can stand up to the heaviest messiest foods, because of their Soak Proof Shield™  and their FlexProof™ technology. I stocked up on these plates and use them everyday.  They are microwave safe, recyclable, cut resistant and they have a new, innovative rim so all the food actually stays on the plate! Win!
My favorite part of this burger is all of the cilantro and the grilled pineapple is super sweet and makes the burger taste so good!
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