After a long week of rain and cold weather, the sun finally decided to delight us with its presence.  We are head over heels about it and are determined to enjoy every bit of these warm days.  We are doing school outdoors, exercising outdoors and are taking snack time outdoors! Gosh it really has been so much fun throwing the doors open and letting the kids have a full day of fun without worrying about chilly temperatures or snow!
Around 3pm everyday we pack a little bag of goodies and head for the backyard.

These days, we are loving these cold and refreshing

Outshine mango fruit bars!

The kids Love the mango flavor because it reminds them of Florida and all things sun! I like them, because they are a healthy snack alternative, because they are portable and because Outshine uses real fruit and no GMO ingredients! Win!
Haddon is always sharing with Emory, which I think is adorable.  They’re building quite a big brother- little sister relationship that makes my mama heart so happy.
We have fond memories of eating mangos at Alex’s parents house and these Outshine Fruit bars take us back to those sweet Florida memories.

 Head over to Outshine’s site to learn more about how you can put good stuff in and get good stuff out and where you can purchase!

 You can also check out their Instagram for inspiration!


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