Last week we invited a few friends over the house for a Christmas cookie decorating party.  This is something I have been wanting to do for some time now, and the kids are finally old enough to get excited about all of the Christmas festivities.  This is also the first year they’re tall enough to reach the decorating table and not just throw everything on the floor… which makes for a fun party rather than a complete mess. We spent a few days preparing for the party, making frosting, and picking out the best Christmas sprinkles. It was so much fun building up the excitement and an getting the house ready for our little friends.

The kids picked out sugar cookies and snickerdoodle cookies and ate more frosting than I would like to admit, but they had such a great time!

Grace insisted she have pink frosting for her cookies.  Since there were a few other little girls who also love pink, we made an extra batch of pink frosting.  It was one of the best decisions ever.  #momwin for sure.

Also, that picture above… all the baby toes/ crunched up toes, baby bear slippers and footie pj’s!



See what I’m talking about… pink pj’s and pink frosting.



All the pj’s went straight to the wash right after this party.  Frosting ERRRRWHERE! I also found some in my hair… which is not really that surprising but I also found some on my dog.  That one I was a little surprised about but hey… none ended up on my couch and that was a win for me!




Eyes closed… two hands… true love friends.





This little boy and his precious smile and Grace with a mouth full of cookies.



Obviously, frosting is just glue for all the Christmas sprinkles!

So thankful for these dear friends and for all of the new memories!

Merry Christmas friends!


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We are elbows deep in fall, friends.  The leaves are changing and there’s a bit of a chill in the air.  It’s an exciting moment for us. It’s our first real Fall and we’re looking forward to all of the small town fall festivities. I am so excited about the next season and for hitting our milestone of being in Nebraska for ONE whole year!

If you have followed along with us for some time, you know that last November, we relocated our family to the midwest. We moved from our home in sunny south Florida, to the freezing cold weather of Nebraska!  As with all new adventures, everything was beautiful and lovely. The snow, the crisp cold air, the mansions that are worth pennies, the Christmas decorations. Everything was new and full of possibilities. It was all lovely and amazing. I was on cloud nine until I found myself shut-indoors with three little humans, hiding from the blizzard-weather.

The tough part of it all, was not how cold it actually got, but how long it stuck around. It wasn’t until late March that we saw a glimpse of spring and felt the first warm breeze.

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A few weeks ago, we drove over to Nebraska City and visited Arbor Day Farm.  It was their first day of apple picking and we had first dibs on the apples for the season. We’ve never picked apples before.  In fact, other than mangos and a few berries, and our couch, we don’t have much experience picking things! Ha!

Anyway, we ended up bringing ten pounds of apples home.  They smelled amazing and we ate them all in a matter of days.  They were delicious!  Grace had one every day during snack time and I had them with apple butter every morning.  There was talk of apple pie, but we all really loved them fresh and raw and super crispy.



I promise Emory had a great time.  She was reaching for Alex’s apple and wasn’t really happy about getting pulled away from her apple-chomping.



How beautiful are these! Seeing them in a bag at Costco don’t do these beauties justice.  They’re gorgeous.



I must have started about 12 apples and the kids proceeded to devour them.  It was also really neat tasting all of their variety and being able to compare their flavors.  We came to the conclusion that honey crisp are our favorite.  However, granny smiths will always have my heart. Also, Haddon has a mild black eye in this picture.  He was reading a book while laying in bed and he lost grip on the book and it landed on his eye.


Grace dresses herself these days.  She picked out her cowgirl boots because we were going to a farm and this cute little top because it’s shiny and pink… go figure!


This little guy steals my heart every time.  He picked about 6 apples all on his own and ate half of them before we even left the orchard.



One of the many things I love so much about this man is that he embraces the seasons we are in with open arms.  If we’re in Florida, he’s all about fishing and the flip flop life.  If we’re in KC, we’re elbows deep in bbq.  And he just wouldn’t leave this place without a bag full of apple butter, Christmas jam and a gallon of apple cider made with apples from their orchards. Also, his smile.  It’s perfect in every way.




These three are the sweetest together.  Since Emory is always on the baby carrier, I’m a little slower than they are and can’t quite keep up with their adventures.  They have an amazing bond. They play together, get into trouble together and gosh they look so good together.


So many of the trees are starting to change friends.  It’s like they’re ushering in fall and taking us all along for the ride.  Here’s to apple picking, adventures with this sweet little family of mine and to fall!


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Once in a while, Alex and I have the rare opportunity to get out and spend some time hanging out without any interruptions. It’s not often that we get to do that so when we do, we make sure that it includes all of the things that we are passionate about.  We head outdoors to enjoy nature, bring delicious snacks that are fun and easy to eat, and make sure we bring along a really good bottle of wine.

Last week, Alex and I spent some time at our local park and shared a picnic.  We packed our favorite preciutto wrapped asparagus in hollandaise sauce (recipe below) and the perfect bottle of Dreaming Tree Crush and Dreaming Tree Pinot Noir .  The evening was cool and perfect for a picnic by the trees.  We had a great time hitting the reset button on life and chatting away about our thoughts, dreams and aspirations.

We particularly enjoy the Dreaming Tree brand, because not only are their wines incredible, but they also have a social conscience, which comes through in their commitment to protect and restore tree and forresty areas across the country and around the globe! They have sustainable winemaking practices and they have donated over $1M to environmental programs that protects trees across the country.

A wine that cares… how cool is that!? We picked up The Dreaming Tree wines at our local grocery store, however you can also find them at your drugstore or supercenter store. You can also head over to their website, and locate their wines there.


So, here’s to picnics by the trees, to wines that give back to our environment and to date nights!

If you’re looking for a perfect fun appetizer to take to your next get together, here’s a good one…


Prosciutto wrapped asparagus with hollandaise drizzle with 

The Dreaming Tree



One bunch of asparagus

Salt and pepper

About six slices of prosciutto

4 egg yolks

1 tbs of lemon juice

1/4 cup of melted butter

Cayenne pepper



Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

Rinse the asparagus and trim off the ends.

Open one slice of prosciutto and place 2-3 asparagus in the middle of the prosciutto and roll to wrap the asparagus

Place the asparagus in a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and sprinkle with salt and pepper

Bake for 15-20 minutes (or until the prosciutto is crispy)


For the hollandaise

Set a small pot of water on the stove and bring to a boil

Place the four egg yolks in a cleanheat proof mixing bowl add the salt pepper and lemon juice

With a wide metal whisk, whisk the egg yolks for about five minutes

Bring the mixture over the boiling water creating a double boiler and continue to whisk

Meanwhile, slowly add in the melted butter and continue to whisk until the mixture has emulsified and it becomes thick.

Add a pinch of cayenne pepper and store in an airtight container or drizzle over the dish

Since I took this dish to-go, I placed the asparagus in an airtight container and then “dipped” them into the hollandaise sauce.


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