Thoughts on School Shootings

I’ve never lost someone dear to me and I can’t imagine what that feels like. I guess it’s like losing a little piece of who you are without the strength or ability to put yourself back together.

Tonight, my heart grieves for the families who recently lost little souls. For the parents who lost a piece of who they were and who are mustering every bit of strength to try and piece themselves together.

My heart is heavy this evening thinking about the past week and about the recent events that have taken place close to home.  They have shaken me up inside and have made me feel like something in me is missing.

And although my grieve wont bring anyone back, it instills in me a greater desire to embrace my baby girl, to love my husband deeply and to pray for my family near and far. It gives me a sense of gratitude for my parent’s courage, my husband’s humility and the ability my brothers have to strengthen others while being in need themselves.

We are blessed beyond belief.  We have each other. No matter the distance or circumstance. We have each other.

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