So you’ve heard of the Whole 30 challenge and you’re thinking about trying it, but you have A LOT of reservations.  I understand, I’ve been there. I had the same reservations so I thought I’d share my Whole 30 tips and tricks while navigating through my own Whole 30. Today I’m sharing my planning stage and I have gathered a few tips from my own super accountability group to share with you as well.

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Meal prep– I think there’s a negative connotation when people talk about meal prep.  I picture a body builder eating tilapia and asparagus all day every day.  If tilapia and asparagus is your thing, go for it. Most of us like a little variety.  I would suggest to write out five meals that you currently make. From those five meals pull out all of the noncompliant ingredients and either leave them out or swap them for compliant alternatives. This way, making a whole 30 compliant recipe won’t seem so daunting. Here are a few of mine:

Cilantro burger – leave out the breadcrumbs, swap store bought ketchup for compliant ketchup, serve over a bed of arugula and add a fried egg on top or serve it in a bowl over cauliflower rice!

Pancakes and eggs – Swap out pancakes for 1/2 of a sweet potato. Top it with Madagascar vanilla ghee butter, walnuts and chives. Serve with scrambled eggs cooked in avocado oil and a side of compliant bacon.

Turkey sandwich – swap out the tortilla wrap for collard greens, compliant turkey, home made mayo and add all the veggies!

Load up on the staples– If you’re like me, cutting grains, sugar and alcohol from your diet is not as big of a deal as cutting out ketchup and mayo.  Lets face it. I love my condiments and I will stand against all diets that keep me from eating the dynamic duo.  Here’s the good news…. you can make your own Whole 30 compliant mayo and Whole 30 compliant ketchup in no time! They are both super simple to make, they’re CLEAN of all the preservatives and taste even better than the real thing!  Even if you’re not into mayo, you can use this base to make Caesar dressing, aioli or tarter sauce, which will make your Whole 30 experience WAY BETTER!

Don’t be scared of eating out – Most big restaurants have a lighter menu and you can see what’s compliant or ask to swap out a few things.  DON’T FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. Swap out a side of buttery mashed for a baked sweet potato or ask for the chicken or steak to be cooked with olive oil instead of butter.  You can always opt for a bun-less burger and ask for more veggie toppings.  What’s important is that you remember WHY you are taking on this challenge. If all else fails, enjoy the company and eat a huge meal when you get home.  Here’s a great resource from the Whole 30 website about eating out. 

Embrace the black coffee – This was definitely something we had to get used to.  I started with one cup a day and would barely drink it because it was so disgusting. I went out and purchased GOOD QUALITY coffee and right away tasted the difference.  It was not my usual creamy sweet cup of coffee, but it wasn’t bitter and it was actually enjoyable. I have been drinking my coffee black since last May and have not looked back! If you need a little something in your coffee here are a few options:

Nut pods or Better half  I’ve never tried them because I just knew it wasn’t going to taste the same.  However I’ve heard great things about both.

Those are just my first four tips.  I have sooooo many more and will continue to share them.  As you navigate through your whole 30 journey, I know you’ll find your own tricks and tips. Always remember WHY you are doing this and that it’s only 30 DAYS!



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