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Favorite things | Hair essentials

I am really loving my hair routine these days and I can’t get enough of these tried and true favorites. These are perfect for when I need a quick style or I’m getting ready for a datenight with Mr.G.


  1. ONE STEP VOLUMIZER HAIR DRYER OF MY DREAMS – This is the upgraded 2.0 dryer. It has better heat control and it’s the perfect one and done hair tool!
  2. INSTANT LIFT THICKENING SPRAY – I spray this while my hair is still a little damp and have instant root lift. It also adds a bit of grit to my hair which helps with styling.
  3. DRY FINISH TEXTURE SPRAY – The perfect spray post styling. This is my go-to for when I want a messy/ relaxed look. I spray it when my hair is dry, use my fingers to crunch the hair a bit and I’m out the door!
  4. CHIFFON BOW CLAW HAIR CLIP – My girls love this clip and I love that it’s a simple claw clip that looks feminine and super girly. I also think that it can dress up a t shirt and cut off shorts.
  5. THREE IN ONE HAIR IRON – Ok second to the blow dryer is this three in one straightener. It’s a high heat straightener that also waves and curls! No need for a curling iron when you have this tool.
  6. EYELET FLORAL TAIL HAIR TIE – I’m not sure if you’re seeing a trend here but I’m all about cutting steps to my routine. This is style and function in one and it’s super feminine. I’m also a sucker for anything with eyelets. It reminds me of old time romance movies.
  7. MIGHTY CREAM LEAVE IN CONDITIONER – Raw sugar is my jam these days! They’re vega, clean and smell like a vacation. This stuff lasts forever too. All I use is a little bit on my fingertips and massage it throughout my hair – focusing on the ends. It’s also amazing for detangling my hair!
  8. VOLUME FINISHING MIST HAIRSPRAY – This is a lightweight hairspray that doesn’t feel sticky at all. It adds all the volume without the stiffness. Usually after using my heat tools, I add the texture spray and then this hairspray. Then I brush through it and I’m good to go!

These are some of my faves. I’m currently searching for a great oil or serum to add a little more shine but other than that these are my go to!

What am I missing?? Tell me your faves!

withlove, Tere